OOC New?

So I made an alt this weekend.  Ran through all the tutorials.  Just in time for the Flight of a Thousand rifters.  Currently sitting in Floseswin waiting for the festivities to kick off.

I get a convo request.  Odd since not a lot of folks know of this character.  It is a GM!

Greetings, capsuleer! I am GM Tegrino here to assist you and ask if you have any questions so far. Are you new to EVE?

Wow, they do that?  I explained that I was an alt and who my main was.

redacted > seriously?
[ 2013.05.05 16:56:30 ] GM Tegrino > yes 🙂
[ 2013.05.05 16:56:39 ] GM Tegrino > we greet trial players to make sure they are not lost
[ 2013.05.05 16:57:05 ]redacted > No, thank Teg, I am a new alt of an established player . . . .Mike Azariah.  But thank you for taking the time.  I was not aware you did stuff like this these days, can I mention this in a blog?
[ 2013.05.05 16:57:13 ] GM Tegrino > ah ok
[ 2013.05.05 16:57:18 ] GM Tegrino > sure thing
[ 2013.05.05 16:57:23 ] GM Tegrino > we’ve been doing this for years now

GM Tegrino > i assume you know the basics like cloning and system security

I explained that I did.  Then I asked him a question.

What tools or stuff would the gms like to see?
[ 2013.05.05 16:59:09 ] GM Tegrino > how do you mean?  This is Mike asking . . . .csm8
[ 2013.05.05 16:59:22 ] redacted > looking for things to take up the ladder
[ 2013.05.05 16:59:28 ] GM Tegrino > ah
[ 2013.05.05 16:59:34 ] GM Tegrino > well I can’t really speak to that I’m afraid

GM Tegrino > we stick to the basics here, we try not touch anything else
[ 2013.05.05 16:59:50 ] redacted> I just am making it a habit to ask
[ 2013.05.05 17:00:06 ] redacted > not promising but just getting a feel for other peoples wish lists
[ 2013.05.05 17:00:44 ] redacted > But this is great and I should let you go find a real new player
[ 2013.05.05 17:00:46 ] GM Tegrino > that’s a good idea

OK, say what you want about customer service but I was bloody impressed.  And I am serious about asking folks what they would like to see.  Especially those who don’t normally have a voice to ask for anything.

But I also warn you that there is no promise of any of it happening.  Just getting a feel for the waters.

Fly it like you won it and the GMs are watching you


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16 Responses to OOC New?

  1. Nice, I wonder what he would have done if you were all like “I’m lost and the bad men want to kill me!”

  2. satyrwood says:

    Yea I’ve actually had the GMs check up on two alts so far. I’m glad they started that up. I also try to be helpful anytime I find myself in the Rookie Help channel, for the same reason.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Ditto to the rookie channel helping. Though I have bene known to misunderstand a question and be wrong


  3. lightstar says:

    I’m actually impressed, and kudos for asking if there’s things he needs

  4. Gilthy says:

    They float by the newbie systems as well, in my experience. Making the rounds of the 4 (races) x 3 (systems). Availability seems to vary by timezone as well as system (i.e. there’s not -always- a friendly GM around), it didn’t feel like there was a fixed time schedule to it or something like that). Still, a good idea and a great feeling of having a friendly person to help you out.

    • mikeazariah says:


      And how many bitter vets don’t even know this was done because

      “Back in my day they didn’t have someone to hold,your hand, dammit!”


  5. When was the last time the NPE was updated? Trying to work out if its time for me to create a new alt to see how it is now

  6. Shalaan says:

    When I started playing about 2 years ago, they popped in on me and chat. I’ve played a lot of various MMOs over the years, and this was the first time I had a GM talk to me without petitioning and waiting 12+ hours. When i realized that GMs here gave a damn about players, and found out about the CSM process, and the dev blogs, and the multitude of information available, it was a big part of the reason I kept playing EVE, and still do today.

  7. Sofia Wolf says:

    Hey Mike does current tutorial include double click manual piloting? I remember, two years ago, when I did tutorial there was no mention of double click manual piloting, I found about it something like a month after I started playing form corpmates.

    I was quite angry it was not included in tutorials, manual piloting is so important it is insane they had no mention of it. If it is still absent please yell at CCP to include it as soon as possible. Thx.

    S Wolf

  8. Just started and I was surprised and impresses to have a GM stop by to chat. Thought it might possibly be a scam at first ^_^.

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