I know Nuttink

“Oh look!  I am to be referred to as ‘Member'”

“You are a Gallente man.  Isn’t that a given?”  She looked up from the couch as he stood in the doorway going over the documents he had just been given.

“Hush, this is legal stuff.  You wouldn’t understand.”  Mike grinned to take the sting out of his words.

She glared at him and decided NOT to tell him about her degree at this time. 

“Says here that Proprietary Information includes any trade secret, marketing, servicing, financing or personnel matters, its present or future products, sales or its business, the identity of anybody who does business with them, in any type of communication.”  Mike grinned and looked off into the distance.  “I suppose playing dumb is one of my better skills.”

“Are you sure you’re just playing?”  Free muttered quietly.

“Yadda yadda yadda . . . court of law . . . mumbo jumbo . . . for five years after termination”

“They have you killed at the end of this?”

“Termination of the term of service, you preying mantis.  Hmm, well the rest of it looks pretty normal.  Don’t talk except to the other Councillors and to the ruling bodies we deal with.  Keep your yap shut about damn near everything you do talk about until it is such old news that nobody cares.  The only stuff that isn’t protected is things you could figure out for yourself, stuff that is common knowledge through other sources, stuff I knew already, or information I am specifically permitted to release.  Sheesh, lawyers do like to use a lot of words to say a little bit, eh?”

“Closing the ambiguities.  It takes a lot more words to be precise and legal than it does to just ask someone to follow common sense.  Sense has NO place in a court of law.” She tilted her head sideways and asked.  “Going to sign it?”

“Be an idiot if I didn’t.  I knew this was coming when I started running.  Just was curious about the form it would be in.”



Four pages of legalese to say “shhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I did ask if the NDA is NDA’s and they pointed out that it would be hard to sign something that you were not allowed to read until you had signed it.

fly it like you won it



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6 Responses to I know Nuttink

  1. Bleys says:

    “Begin, be bold, and venture to be wise.” ― Horace

  2. Helena Khan says:

    Section Three of the Official Secrets Act (1916) is our principle weapon in the endless war against
    security leaks. It was passed during a wartime spy scare–a time of deep and extreme paranoia–and it’s even more bizarre than most people think. As far as the public knows, the Official Secrets Act only has two sections; that’s because Section Three is itself classified
    Secret under the terms of the preceding sections, and merely knowing about Section Three’s existence–without having formally signed it–is a criminal offence.


    It’s got a red-and-yellow chevron-striped border and the phrase MOST SECRET DESTROY BEFORE READING stamped across its cover.

    Both from the Charlie Stross book the Atrocity Archives. Absolutely worth a read. Thought they were most appropriate though 🙂

  3. lightstar says:

    Ironically being forced to sign it prior to reading it, in order to be allowed to read it would invalidate it in the court of law that you waive the right to by signing it. Here’s a tip tho. If the signature calls for blood a; run or b; use someone else’s…

    And yeah, go read Charlie St Ross’s laundry files you can get em on kindle, mail me if you want the reading order

  4. Chanina says:

    Congratulation to your CSM success. Work hard and do a good job to communicate the needs of your voters. They deserve to be heard after a long time of underrepresentation.

    I’m very excited about how you might package some of not so obvious hints into one of your dialogs.

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