“Councillor Azariah?”

“Seriously?  I mean yeah, I suppose so but . . . ”

“My employer asked that I personally see to the delivery of the settlement of his agreement with you.”

“OK.  I am not sure who your employer is . . . ”

“The agreement stated that you would have your choice of what battleship you wished to fly, of those belonging to the pirate organizations if you did sufficient campaigning in the, ahem, newbie systems.  Since you have been elected we consider this proof enough that you did do sufficient campaigning.”

“Damn.  So I have to choose?”

“At your leisure, the ships have been delivered to your hanger in Jita.  I hope this location is acceptable?”

“Ships?  He said I could fly my choice . . . ”

“For you to have a choice you would need the selection present.  That condition necessitates all ships be delivered.  If you will just sign here . . . thank you, Councillor.”  The nattily dressed man left without another word, leaving Mike standing stunned in the doorway.

Finally he fumbled with his comm to bring up his assets in Jita and saw . . . Rattlesnake, Vindi, Bhaal, Mach, and Nightmare.  “Bleys, you awesome son of a  . . . when you pay off a bet you do not mess around.”

“Excuse me, I am looking for a Mike Azaree-ah?”  This man was a stark contrast to the last.  There were food stains on his standard issue jumpsuit and his hair looked like a fixer upper for a needy rat.

“Close enough”  Mike replied with a grin.

“Gots legal documents.  Ain’t a process serve so don’t go shootin me . . . just a delivery guy.”

Mike chuckled and took the package.  “Aha!  The NDA!”

“I dunno who sent it, I just deliver them . . . the man wandered off still talking but Mike was more interested in the package and his comm assets list.  He headed back into his lodgings and sat down with a thump.



If Bleys makes a bet or offers an incentive he pays off in spades.

I have the NDA and Dolan told us to please read it.  I find it hard to believe any capsuleer who has been to Jita would sign anything without triple checking it (What do you mean I am paying for all the acct of CCP devs?)

I asked in the first chat whether the NDA is NDA material and was kind of sidestepped but I do plan on letting you know the jist of it (if you are interested.

fly it like you won it (should I put one of the ships up for a month long prize?)


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12 Responses to Deliveries

  1. js3b says:

    You’ve earned those ships. Heck of a campaign. Congrats on your election!

    • mikeazariah says:

      The man made a promise and kept to it.

      And I did hit every race singly writing mail to people


      • Bleys says:

        Are you willing to make another bet with me? I have an idea about randomly sampling folks via EVEmail to help stay in touch. I’ll give more details if you are interested in the concept. I promise it will be less painful then the last one, and you still don’t own Marauders or Black Ops.

  2. lightstar says:

    Grats mate, about time and you well deserve it. Sure you’ll do us proud

  3. Lolmer says:

    Congratulations Mike, and no, you should keep the ships as reward. 🙂 You have enough other ships to hand out.

    • Bleys says:

      I agree. Fly them like you won them, Councilor Azariah. Think of it as helping you become qualified to talk about the balancing of battleships with CCP devs. No need to bow out to others who actually have owned them.

      Plus, it makes a nice statement that someone rewarded you. You have friends, whatever to Marcia may think.

  4. Cyclades Windu says:

    Keep the ships/give them away, surely it’s whatever makes YOU happy! And congrats on the election, I’m glad to see my votes weren’t wasted!

  5. Deth Delkanara says:

    Congrats on the election. Or condolences, depending on how you feel in a year. Dunno if it helped, but you were on my voting list.

  6. Jerod Trd says:

    Congrats again mike… keep the ships, and I’m resending the last ones you didn’t accept…. end of the day, they are your ships… if you really don’t want them, I don’t think anyone is going to think any less of you for getting rid of them (either giftwrapped or as smoking wrecks) You are in for a year of hell as of now… take your small pleasures where you can.

    • Bleys says:

      Exactly, Councilor Azariah. You won’t have the same time to earn your shinies by farming/printing ISK. Think of it as us passing around the hat so you can devote more time to your duties as a Councilor. You are representing ALL of us and our play styles. Least we can do is help you have more free time to carry out those duties.

      If you really want to get rid of one, I vote that rigged rattlesnake. Though, they are a fun ship if you have good drone skills.

      • Jerod Trd says:

        Oooohhhhh….. Rattler….. (resists urge to empty wallet into getting one)

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