Biggest Surprise

They were going over the specs of the ship when a little number in the lower corner of the screen started to climb.  Mike frowned at it.  “What the heck is that?”

“I set it to show incoming messages.  You said that the announcements of the election results would be released, soon.”  Free shrugged and reached over to open the channel but Mike waved her off.

“We are working, here, and I don’t need to read condolences right away.”  Mike shrugged.

“What if you were elected?”

“The pigs will be asking if the runways are cleared of the heavy snow at Hells airport prior to landing.  Oh very well, putting it off does not change the news.  How do I open the messages or should I just use my comm?”

‘Mr. Hitech pilot.”  She tsked and touched another part of his coffee table and the message queue sprang up.  The first was a letter of congratulations from Jasinto.

Congrats on the win, glad you are in the CSM.

I told you man,, who says hi-sec isn’t organized,

“You won!”

“Pffft, probably a troll just having fun at my expense before the results are out.  What does the next one say?”

“Someone named Myxx”

There were four people I genuinely wanted on the CSM. You were one. I always enjoyed running incursions with you when I was actively doing that. Your blog has been something I have read for quite some time.

Thank you for all you have done in the past, and good luck with all that you are about to do. May your tenure on the CSM have few problems, and give you much insight 🙂

“Okay, so there are a few people in on the joke . . . ”  His voice was slightly unsure and very confused.  At his request she brought up the stream of messages incoming and they all seemed to be following the same theme, many of them from people Mike knew well . . .and trusted.  “I . . . won a seat?”

“Looks that way.”  She grinned, happy to see the man shaken, for once.

“But . . . people kept saying I was such a dark horse I was damn near invisible.  It was generally agreed that I would not make it again this year.  A few even thought that that would be a pity.  More thought it was an obvious result of the fact that I am too one dimensional.  But that is Rixx’s job description, not mine.”


“Old joke . . . No, looks like it is official.  There is an announcement from the Elections returns office and my name is there as well.”  He slumped back on the couch.  “Holy Crap.”

“No dancing?  No drinks and celebration?”

“Oh that will come, soon enough.  Right now, though, I am just trying to absorb the impact.”  He looked over at her and smiled.  ‘Glad I had a friend here with me when I found out, though.”



Holy Crap

For those of you who read my blog and voted for me . . . thank you.  Your voted actually made a difference and I hope to make sure it was one well cast.

Voter turnout was lower than last year.  Lots will be said on who won, who lost, how the election was a success/failure.  How it is a proper representation and a total farce.

Fingers will be pointed, tinfoil hats donned.

Holy Crap

fly it like you won it ( I won something I won something!)




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32 Responses to Biggest Surprise

  1. Congrats Mike. I voted for you last year, and had you on my ballot this year. I was presently surprised to see your name on the list. I have no doubt that you will do a good job and look forward to voting for you again next year.

  2. Jerod Trd says:

    Good to see you won mike… Got some T2 ships I haven’t managed to sell, might see if I can funnel them into your hanger to lose in a celebratory ball of fire.

    Glad to see you made it dude. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      May want to wait a week or three to see how the prices skyrocket but I am gooood at losing ships. It’s a talent.


  3. Congrats Mike! I voted for you too, recommended my friends to vote for you too.
    I’m glad to see you were really in CSM8.
    I’m looking forward to see good changes for casual gamers and what not. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Remember, I can advocate but they sure as hell are not giving me the keys to the offices and free rein over the dev scheduling.


      • Of course!
        But, after this year’s fanfest and update was more focused on the nullsec and WH,
        it is a good relief to see people like you and Ali Alas (I think she isn’t from the big bloc either?) in this year’s CSM8.
        However the results turn out to be, I am looking forward your work in CSM and just glad to see you won it. 😉

  4. Congrats Mike, I’m sincerely glad you are on the CSM. You might not be in a few months though 😉

  5. Grimmash says:

    Congratulations! I had you on two ballots, glad to see others ad you on as well. Good luck on your term!

  6. Nigel says:

    I put you first on my ballot, because it looked like you needed it more than Ripard… Congrats, and next time, be less demure, you have much to offer, don’t make Rixx do your horn-blowing!

    • mikeazariah says:

      less demure? Maybe I should wear that ‘off the shoulder’ number I have been saving for a special occasion?


  7. Bleys says:

    Fly them like you Won.

  8. Ben says:

    Congrats! Seems that my vote wasn’t wasted! Second year running for you, nice work on the blog. Keep up the good work. And……..
    Fly it like you won it! 😉

  9. skajit spey says:

    Hazzah !!!!!!

  10. Rixx Javix says:

    Congratulations! Did my best to spread your name around the neighborhood, so hopefully that helped some. Either way, well deserved.

  11. Caras says:

    Congrats Mike, Make a mark for the casuals 🙂

  12. benryan says:

    hi mike congrats on the win

  13. bobfenner says:

    Always knew you would get there one day my friend. Looking forward to your blogs from now on. Should be very interesting to see just what a difference you can make. If you need a ship for a party I might have something suitable. 🙂

    • mikeazariah says:

      Parties are always good, thanks Bob, you have been a strong supporter from the beginning


      • bobfenner says:

        Credit where it is due my friend. You earned my respect and my vote with your manifesto and your honesty.

        An honest politician is a rare thing, that means a lot rests on your ability to stay true to yourself.

        Let me know what ship you want and where to send it. Will make sure it has a fully stocked bar, some exotic dancers and maybe a few nuclear small arms. 🙂

  14. Norbert says:

    Congratulations Mike!

  15. I voted for you, and you won. Therefore, I now own a tiny piece of your soul.

    Unfortunately, souls are pretty cheap in New Eden.

    Congrats, and do us proud!

    • mikeazariah says:

      I think them there amarr say we lose our souls as part of the cloning process. Me, I am gallente . . . I got soul but I’m not a soldier.


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  17. Mark says:

    I’m a bit late but congrats on the win – you were my #2 (Right behind Ripard) for both of my accounts. I find it significant that you and Ripard were formally endorsed by at least some Incursion communities and you both won.
    Power of PVE communities? Let’s hope so.

    • mikeazariah says:

      There are few orgamnized pve communities. Incursions is one of the biggest even if it does fragment internally, often.


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