CSM Ducks Unlimited

I was just chatting with a guy named Wolf about the fun I had this afternoon flying with Bombers Bar and Brave Newbies. I died, of course but not before posting a campaign ad in VFK local.

Brave Newbies? Wolf had decced them a few weeks ago. Expensive, he said. He spends half his time shooting newbies and the other half helping them. It occurred to me that he had an excellent conservation attitude. Kind of like Ducks Unlimited.

If you enjoy hunting then you actually care about the viability of your targets. If they die out then what will you hunt? If you wanting me the hunt to be easy then you could just go to a rifle range since paper targets don’t ‘duck’. Ducks Unlimited work hard for wildlands where the ducks can live so there’s better hunting in the future.

If the CSM is Null stacked this time around I hope there’s someone there who understands conservation.

I would really like it if that person is me.

Go Vote

And fly it like you won it.


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5 Responses to CSM Ducks Unlimited

  1. Dave says:

    You made #4 on the ballot of all three of my accounts

  2. All I have to say is
    “Strip mine the forest”

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