Bombers Bar

Mike tossed his comm on the table and nodded to Scotty.  “Been a looooong couple of weeks.”

“Campaigning?  Been trying to follow it but the media has almost taken a hands off approach.”  Scotty gestured to the comm.  “Only advertising we see if from the candidates themselves, nothing from the gov.”

Mike nodded.  “Yeah, it is enough to drive ya crazy.  You have no idea how many folks I still meet who have no idea that there is an election on, let alone what the election is for.  It is one of the reasons that Null dominates the ballot box.  They HAVE the communications systems in place and make damn sure every one of their constituents know that it is time to vote.  I send a mail to highsec folks and get told I am ‘invading’ their privacy.”

Chuckling, Scotty asked.  ‘How do you keep from going right round the bend?”

“I go shoot foolish people.  Maybe not the same foolish people who don’t vote but foolish people just the same.  There is an organization called Bombers Bar.”

“Them I have heard of.  Saw one of their ads.”

Bomber’s Bar is an organization of freelance pilots who enjoy a good Cloaky romp through null-sec:­ There are no politics involved in operating with Bomber’s Bar, and all able Bomber pilots are welcome. This means that, While operating in a Bar fleet, the ship sitting next to you Could potentially be your enemy, but in this fleet you are teammates.  (source)

Mike grinned.  “Yup, that is pretty close to the mark.  NPSI, Not Purple?  Shoot It.  Either you are in the fleet or you are a target.  No worrying about politics, alliance or diplomacy, just the hunt.”

Scotty leaned forward.  ‘That sounds a little dark for you.”

“Nah, it is all in good fun and it is camping null and the occasional low.  Not hunting miners . . . well usually not hunting miners.  Last week some guy brought a fleet of Procurers through our camp.  Tried to anyhow.  All the pilots had the same name with minor one letter differences.  We let his scout through, in a Procurer, then the next eight followed right into the trap.  Was like a feeding frenzy, missiles and calls and laughter all over the place.  I really needed that after days on the campaign trail.  Funny thing is that the guy did not really try to even get the pods out, each had 40 mill in implants.  One would almost think that one pilot was tring to fly all of the ships and doing so badly.  I am sure his face was all . . .

“So how do you join them?  You knew somebody who knew somebody?”  Scotty asked.

“Nope,  just show up when the call goes out.  I am in their comm channel and on the mailing list.  Sometimes, when the timing works out, I get to fly along.  Most open crew I know.”

“Seriously?  Open usually means riddled with spies.”

Mike nodded.  “Most likely so.  But I think even spies need a day off and they like blowing things up as well.  Maybe a few fleets or targets go ‘around’ us but for the most part it seems that Purple is Purple.  Good times and a good break from the campaign.”



Yeah, so one almost non csm post.  Had to do it.

There are lots of things to do and the link to the source of the quote gives you the Bombers Bar newbie Guide.  Including training skill queue.

For those of you who don’t know you can also hear me on the Podcast Podside,   I also did a debate on Lost In Eve (but nobody recorded it successfully).   And Voices from the Void debate. 

I have fun playing this game, it is why I keep at it.  It is why I want to help keep it going and so I run in an election.

But I miss doing this sort of writing, too.

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to Bombers Bar

  1. bobfenner says:

    I miss your stories although I fully understand you need to use every available source to get those votes.

    You always get mine!

    Love the baby picture. Silly miner……

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Yeah, I have had that image for days on my browser, just kept making me smile.


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