CSM Tactical

OK, so we know what the strategic is (see last post)

Now we need to look at how it is accomplished.  Remember the classic line about ‘no battle plan survives contact with the enemy’.  Tactics sometimes need to be dependent on the conditions, or in this case . . . the perceived conditions.

So what conditions am I talking about?  How you think the other voters will act.  Now this does not suggest you try to vote for the ‘winners’.  Some actually do do that and I cannot get my head around the reason WHY they think anonymous voting would make a difference whether you vote for the eventual winner or not.  You can always say you did, afterwards.

Some people are advocating almost the opposite.  Voting for the people (Like me) who do not have alliance and coalition backing so that they have a chance against the ‘assured’ votes of the big organizations.  But there is a problem.  Neither tactic is looking at the strategy, just the short term goals.

You need to keep both in mind.  This excellent post  did just that and even gives you options for what strategy you have.  I am not on every list, but then I am not right for every strategy or voter.  If you don’t want to take someone elses list and would prefer to make your own then you have some homework to do.  31 candidates will take a bit of reading and research.  For pixel level politics a lot of people are not willing to make that effort.  They would rather be playing Eve, instead.

All well and good.  Except the election still happens.  Null still sends mail to every member in their coalition and it is NOT considered spam.  Try to do that in hisec and get yelled at.  Ask Trebor.  Hell, I sent mail one at a time and caught some grief from some players for ‘invading’ their mailbox.

So how do you vote?  Privately.  You vote for what YOU want to happen.  If you are looking froward to the tears of hisec as null sweeps the board, fine, vote the coalition tickets.  If you are protesting the null attempt then vote the independent ticket.  Me?  I did neither.

I voted for the people I wanted to see win.  I voted for a spread of candidates from all parts of Eve.  I did that because I want to see the CSM be a collection of players who represent ALL of the game.  I voted for people who I thought would work well and work well together.  My top 6 (aside from myself) were people I have talked with and would LOVE to work with in the future.  What I did not try to do was edit people out because of a tag at the end of their name.

Am I going to give you my complete voting list and ask you to vote the same way?

Nope.  I want you to vote for the people who are right for you.  For your strategy and your tactics.  I wrote this not to tell you who to vote for but how you should be thinking.  What are your goals for the CSM and what votes will best get you to those goals?  If EVERYBODY voted that way then we wouldn’t need to even discuss this.


do a bit of homework, then vote

the go fly something small and have some fun.  I did today.


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3 Responses to CSM Tactical

  1. Excessively noble, as always. 🙂

    However, it’s not playing politics to simply stand up and say, “I’m one of the 14 best men for the job and deserve your vote.” That’s the responsibility of the CSM. To be as apt to listen to someone that plays differently than you than one who does. I firmly reject the notion of “A CSM candidate that’s best for ME” because of the very principles and purpose of the institution.

    Voters – pick the 14 best men for the job. Not the ones that match your play style. Not the ones that live in the same space as you. Not the ones that have the same alliance ticker. Those qualities are irrelevant once the member takes office (unless he’s corrupt) and so they should be irrelevant during the election as well.

    Vote for Mike Azariah for CSM8 because he’s going to do an excellent job, no matter who you are as player.

  2. And you stay in null sec! *shakes fist*

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