CSM Celebrity Quotes

Warning, this one is all about me.  It is one I will come back to when I read the trolls and more negative comments.  It is the endorsements others have given me in THEIR ballot lists.

Hans said

Mike Azariah – Year after year, Mike continues to stand for CSM as one of the most highly deserving and vastly underrated candidates on the ballot. Mike has a warm heart, a keen intellect, and a strong voice yet stubbornly refuses to present himself as anything other than who he really is – a role playing “carebear” who refuses to get caught up in the greater metagame. The result is that Mike usually ends up failing to captivate voters despite being a better man than most who end up on the council. This year the changes to the voting system offer him the best possible chance he could ever have given this too-honest-for-politics campaign strategy, and I encourage each and everyone of you to capitalize on this opportunity and put Mike at the top of your ballots as well. Mike Azariah will no doubt bring wisdom and patience to CSM8 along with insight into a demographic that CCP cannot afford to ignore – those of us with families, full-time jobs, and who want to enjoy EVE on our own time at our own pace.

Mangalas List

Mike Azariah – Casual players (and by that we dont mean bad players which some equate Casual with) need a voice too. Mike would make an excellent rep for people who play as casual and have tried varying aspects of eve, never finding a single niche. Future expansion release could give this type of player even more to do so CCP need some guidance from such as Mike.


. MIKE AZARIAH: Mike might hold the record for most campaigns run by someone who hasn’t made it on, but he’s not on this list for sympathy. He’s here because he’s practically a damn unicorn: a decent casual highsec candidate. Mike is articulate, intelligent, active, mature, moderate, and not part of the risk-free-highsec crowd. While most highsec candidates take an adversarial stance to 0.0 in campaigns and not-infrequently once they get elected, his Voices from the Void debate with Malcanis, Sort Dragon, and Kesper North showed he’s very willing to collaborate with 0.0 bloc candidates. Most people I know would have voted Mike in previous elections but figured he wouldn’t win or liked another candidate just a bit more. Now they don’t have to choose just one, and I hope Mike gets the benefit of that.

Malcanis said

Mike represents a demographic that has little other chance of gaining a voice in this CSM: the little guy in hi-sec, the casual player who’s not made it into a group yet, the fellow who hasn’t made the connections that will give him comrades to stand beside him. Mike and I will almost certainly disagree about many things during CSM8, but that doesn’t matter. He has a sensible, balanced view of EVE, he understands that the game is interconnected, and we need his voice on the CSM to make sure that Ordinary Joe doesn’t get stepped on while the big buys are marching. Give Mike a place in your preference list because he’s looking out for the guys that might be applying to your corp in a few months, that mine the trit for your battleships, that grind the LP for your faction ammo.

Ali Aras

Mike Azariah [forum][blog] — Representing the people many call casuals and carebears, he provides a valuable perspective that’s otherwise lacking in a world where the loudest voices often correspond with those who spend or have spent a lot of time each day on the game.

I’m sorry, these things make me smile and there are days when you need something like that.

The good news is only another week and a bit and then you will see the blog go back to what passes for normal.

fly it like you won it


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