CSM Strategic Voting

Look, I actually went and looked up the difference between strategy and tactics just to make sure I did not get all the grognards raining ridicule down on me.

It is fairly simple, in the end.  Strategy is the over all goal and tactics is how you achieve that goal.

The question was: “Describe in detail how you would put a flagpole on top of a hill.” Everyone started franticly writing big long answers, except one man. He wrote one sentance: “Sargent, get me a flagpole built on top of that hill.” He got the only A

Strategy would be the need for the pole on the hill.  How you got it up there was tactics.

Now how does this connect to CSM?  In a bunch of ways.  The vote is live, now.  You can (and should) go vote.

Strategy is deciding what you want.

Do you want a CSM that represents your individual power block?  Do you want to show CCP that this election process is flawed?  There are people and even coalitions who have said that they will be organizing their voting to do just that.  My mother would call it ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’.

Personally I would like to see a wide set of perspectives represented.  I want to see disagreements in the council because it means people are talking, discussing, THINKING.  If I thought one voice was a good idea then I would be trying to get CSM reduced to one rep and a MUCH simpler election.

So who should be represented?  Everybody, but I am sure some will be ignored/missed.  Null does have a place at the table but so does hisec and low.  Wormholes and industry.  Roleplayers and traders.  PVP and PVE.  New players and bitter vets. Dammit, you go look at all the things you can do in Eve and then ask yourself if just because YOU don’t play that way it does not deserve to be a part of YOUR game.  Well?  OK then.

So if you have set the strategy as the council being an actual council of representatives then the tactics of voting become much easier.

That I will get to next post.

go vote, then fly


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