CSM- Live Events


I love Live Events and if elected will encourage there to be more of them.

They should come in FOUR flavours.  1)  Scripted events that drive the lore foreward (like Luminaire today)  (2)  CCP Roams where what happens, happens (loot pinatas) (3) storyline based events that what happens CHANGES things forever.  (4)  Player events so large or well organized that they also become part of the lore (Jita riots is a good example but Ring of Fire should also join that class)

Big Events make the gaming press news, they give something for CCP to showcase the game.  It Brings new players in and old players back.  It may seem to be filthy RP to hardcore players in null but it is what makes the game LIVE and may help keep it alive another ten years.


I went to Luminaire a day ahead, to make sure I was in system when the event started.

I read all the dev posts setting the story up with the child-like glee of a kid going through Christmas catalogs.

I logged on a soon as I got up on the morning of the event . . . and got bounced out to Algoville.  So there I sat, in a growing crowd at the gate, waiting to get in.

Note came from the Devs that CCP had capped the system at 1000 pilots and reports from inside had it right there, give or take 10.  So I waited, for a while I spammed the jump along with the other 500+ pilots at the gate but then I just hit autopilot and waited through ‘no’ popups.  Chatted with old friends.

Session change . . . tidi 15%

I got invited to the fleet (Gallente of course, thanks Grideris) and things started to happen.  I warped to my high perch near the titan who was being called primary.  The Caldari Titan was balanced at about 20% and getting reps so we started to switch from chimera to chimera, then wyverns, then phoenixis.  I would take some damage, if it got too low I would return to the high perch and wait till i was close again.

Yellow text indicated when the actors were talking.  I liked that part.  The spam in local wasn’t too bad, yet so you could follow what was going on.  Captains of the Caps would call for abandoning of ship when their vessels were close to gone.  Target, fire, watch the other targets, skim and lock caps . . .

Damage would pile up, smartbombs maybe?  Rules didn’t seem to apply to the actors, so maybe so.  30% initiate warp . . . wonder if I will make . . . high perch, wait and listen.  70%, good enough, back in.

The Caldari Titan, without its support, did not stand a chance.  I don’t know if I got on that killmail as I was in warp as it popped.  Doesn’t matter, I was part of it.  Quotes like “I have been waiting two years to shoot her down in that Titan.”  Players who had followed the storyline, followed the actors over YEARS.  They were the ones that this was for.

People like Brawyn78 who was posting

This is the Hospital Ship Salvation broadcasting on open channels: We have arrived at Caldari Prime to render aid to casualities of this conflict … all requests for humanitarian aid will be honored as we are able

At the same time people were still looking to join fleets that had been formed long ago.  The Caldari titan was claiming stability at 21% and priming to Orbital strike the planet.  THAT I would almost like to see from the ground side.  Almost.



Then the Goon fleet arrived in system.  Local became irrelevant, filled with kittens and whales and centipedes.  And then it got worse, whiners complaining that they had arrived too late, name calling (on both sides).  We were still working through the phoenixes when I was alpha’d so fast the insurance payment arrived before my ship disappeared.

It was the best time for that to happen.  I was smiling ear to ear.  Got the pod out and away and am now safe a system over, docked.

I lost a bomber . . . so?

I had a blast.

flew it like I won it




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4 Responses to CSM- Live Events

  1. Jester says:

    Post the full text of local somewhere.

  2. mikeazariah says:


    I think that is it

    let me know if there is access issues


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