CSM If I hand personalize, is it spam?

“If I don’t have to look at comms for another hour it is a win.”

“Been busy?”  Bleys asked.

“Campaigning.  Writing to every person in local.  Kind of a generic message to each person in local to introduce myself.  Not everybody appreciated the reminder that the election was coming.”

Bleys grinned.  “Oh?  What sort of responses did you get?”

Mike silently slid the comm across, already open to the appropriate messages.  Bleys chuckled as he read aloud.  “Lets see, Chloe asked you . . . ”

What do I get if I give a vote for you?

“What did you tell her?”

Mike reached over and tapped a control.

Someone who will represent your interests in the csm. If you want false promises of wealth or plexes, watch local more closely. I don’t do that.

On the other hand, people who comment on my blog or campaign thread have been known to win ships now and again, but that is a different story and what I do for fun, not for votes


“There were a few variations on that theme, some actually set a price for their votes.  But I found this type of answer more disturbing.

.”CSM8? is what? and how do you represent me? and how do i vote? and why should i vote?

“I told him . . . ”

You vote twice, once in a little over a week, and again a week after that, preliminaries and main vote.

You vote for people to represent the players to CCP, the game company.

You get someone who went to the effort of talking to you . . . me as opposed to some nullsec block candidate who wants to see hisec cancelled (yes people like that exist)

Bleys grinned as he read the response.  “A little twist at the end there, eh?”

“Just to get his attention.  Another one objected to the fact I didn’t spell their name right.  Copying each one out by hand, I had to slip now and then. . . ”

You mispelt my name and not only that I have no idea what sort of playstyle you would represent? Worst advert ever.

All I know is that was one of the worst advertisements for CSM candidacy I have ever seen. You should feel ashamed of yourself. You do not have my vote.

“How did you reply to that one?”  Bleys was grinning.

“I know what you are thinking.  No I did not correct their spelling error.  All I sent back was . .  .”

At least you know I am not a bot . . . 🙂

Laughter erupted from Bleys.  “You seriously said that?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t really worried about losing a vote at that point but I was still hopeful.  A more polite version of that exchange happened with another pilot who sent me . . . ”

Hi mike unfortunately you have sent me this message without taking the time to ask me about my play style and how you could help ! Please don’t take this the wrong way but if you intend on lobbying for said position , learn how to do it better first!Good luck with the election but unfortunately as previously mention my vote for you is not possible!

“How many contacts did you send out?”  Bleys asked, eyeing the mail.

“I think I have passed about 800, now.”

“By hand, individually.”

“Except if there were two guys named ‘Dave’ I think I doubled up once or twice when the opportunity presented itself.  But yeah, each had their name in the message, each was read and written by me.  Took a few hours.”

“And this pilot expects you to research their specific style before writing to them.  And, presumably, the style of every other pilot you contacted.”

Mike sighed.  “Apparently so.”

“I hesitate to ask, how did you answer that one?”

Mike tapped the control again.

Fair enough. But I hope that you do remember to vote, no matter who it is for. AND hopefully that candidate has taken the time I have to answer you and your messages


“Niiiice.  Turning their claim of not spending enough time into a comment on how much other candidates have spent on that pilot.  You may be learning.”

“No, just being polite.  There were a few positive ones to brighten the task. . . ”

Hello Mike

Glad to hear that, i hope everything goes well on CSM8. What are your focus, objectives and what you stand as ideal as a candidate (and as chairman hopefully)

“I told him. . . .”

Seriously doubt chairman is within reach for me. But thank you just the same.As to hopes, I am trying to push for small fixes, not huge changes to ‘fix null’ or ‘abolish hisec’ (yes there are people pushing for both of those)

Things like more corp bookmarks, Dammit there has to be a better way to do POS’s . . . less button mashing for industry and that sort of thing.

Bleys frowned.  “So every person who asked a question . . .you answered, in detail if they asked for it and sometimes even if they didn’t?”

“Almost every person.  The one whose entire message was ‘Suck it, Mike’ didn’t really seem to expect an answer.  The one that did was . . .

Who are you, and how do you know what my playstyle is? Have you been watching me?

“I really needed the laugh about then . . . ”


No. This vague and slightly disturbing message is the eve equivalent of going door to door to drum up support. Getting my name out there and reminding people there is an election coming.

Thanks, this is a bit mind numbing as I am doing one name at a time, by hand. Your question made me laugh and gave me a break.

“He then proceeded to start spouting off in local, full volume, about a new day dawning and the chance for every brother and sister to stand up and make a difference.  Man it was like being at an olde time Amarrian service.  He was good.  And not promoting anything, just showing me how I might go about it.”

Bleys nodded.  “Were you tempted?”

“Woulda been faster but far less personal.  No, I will stick with this method.  I did get notes of support and other demands . . . highest one person asked for a a billion.  It was educational.”

“What systems have you covered?”

“Amarr and Rens.  Probably will hit Dodixie next and then take on Jita.”

Bleys chuckled.  “Good luck, you still have  along way to go”



Don’t feed the trolls but stay polite, damn good thing I am Canadian and it is in my DNA

Application is in CCP hands.  The race is on.

800 eve mails. Each was hand named inside the text.  Some names abbreviated or commented on.  Took a few hours for each system.  Was it worth it?  I don’t know.

Bleys challenged me to put the responses up for you to see, just in case you don’t hang out in the trade hubs.

so here you are

Bleys . . . you are gonna owe me a battleship for all this.

fly it like you won it


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3 Responses to CSM If I hand personalize, is it spam?

  1. Frying Doom says:

    Ok having done this before to push someone on to the CSM, I will give you a tip…..Try the newbie areas and the systems around them, the trade hubs can get you a few votes but most people ignore the newbie areas. Yes you will be asked a lot “What is the CSM” but in the end it is worth it.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Now I have to remember where the hell the newbie systems are at.

      I appreciate the shove, Frying


      and wonder how many in the newbie systems qualify as voters

      • Bleys says:

        I have told him this as well. You can drag a dead horse to water, but you can’t kill the stink.

        Not every newbie is alone in Eve, also a lot are alts.

        I publicly state you get your choice of faction BS to do the run of rookie systems as well. I’ll provide a list.

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