Pre-Race Calls

He was making last touches to his bar, making sure things were set for when he arrived back (one way or the other).  The first call was from Scotty.

“I see you have a new ship out there and there is some Gallente we wisp of a reporter saying she has full access to it, that right?”

“Ayup.”  Mike made sure there was enough ice and mix.  “She’s been emplaced with the Dusties and so is not afraid of the chance of bad things happening, she talked me into it AND her company paid for the hull.”

“And the group of tourists also gathering?”

Mike muttered under his breath.  “Dammit.  Yeah, let the idiots on.  I warned them and warned them, even have a little reminder just inside the door of what they really are.”

“I saw the Crash Test Dummies set up and was wondering what you were doing.  So I take all of this to mean you are racing again.”

Mike looked at the bar and realized he was stalling, now.  “Yes, I am.  Yes, it is foolish. Yes we are all gonna die.  And yes, you are invited to the party afterwards.”

Scotty closed the connection smiling.

The comm chimed again.  This time the image was a blcked out shadow.  “Mr. Azariah.”

“Yes dear?”

The stunned pause stretched out for a moment.  “We note, with satisfaction that you are taking a fine Gallente ship into the race, this year.  We are disappointed that you did not come to us for anything.”

“Foolish times are not when I come asking for things.”

“Nonsense.”  The shadow sniffed and shook its head.  “These are the times you should be asking for assistance in representation.  Please contact the race organizers and add some Gallente type prizes.  We also have sent a pair of fittings . . . modules . . .parts?  To you for your ship.”

Mike opened a side panel and saw the changes being made to his ship and laughed.  “Great now the fittins out value the hull by an order of magnitude.”  He sighed.  “I’d love ta chat more but I really should be going . . . hate to be late for the race.”

“Fly it like you won it, Mr Azariah.”

Off to Dantumi



In my first running event, I was late for the race, all were blocks ahead as we arrived at the starting line.  Very embarrassing.

Yes, by the time you read this the race will be running, I am there are the pre race chatter is deafening.

Wish me luck

flying like I won it



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