CSM8 Campaign Announcement

As now is the beginning of the candidacy period I am announcing my entry into the CSM8 election

I am Mike Azariah

I have played Eve for enough time to have tried a bit of almost everything. But if you ask me to nail down the style of play I best represent and identify with it would be the Casual Player. The person who has a job, kids, wife, pets and cannot sit at the machine uninterrupted for five hours straight bashing a POS or waiting for a fleet to form. The person who does not want his entire Eve experience to be spreadsheets or clicking to manage PI.

I have spent more than half a year in wormholes, managing the POS there drove me out, in the end, frustration got that bad. I flew with Soco in the south and did manage to get in on fleets now and again but CTA’s don’t always jibe up with a limited time availability. If you are nodding right now at this then you know what I mean and you have experienced the same sort of problems. You are the one I want to represent. I fly incursions for my isk and then blow it in places like the Bomber Bar or RvB or helping out in contests, donating prizes.

I have been active in the community since 2008.. I currently help host the podcast Podside, I have had a blog as a proud member of the Eve Blog Pack for more than four years. I have written for Eon and the Eve Tribune, often doing commentary on the CSM. My twitter handle is @mikeazariah. If you want to hear the Crossing Zebras interview it is here. Though you will get a lot of what I think from the Podside podcasts as well.

I don’t know it all. I am not a Game Dev nor do I aspire to be one. I am always willing to ask questions when I don’t know the answers and consider the answers carefully. I am a teacher by trade and the skill set that goes with that would be helpful as a CSM member. I take pride in my ability to see things from more than one side and explain my position well.

I am NOT here to save one portion of space to the detriment of all of the others. I do not propose to drive x y or z feature through . . . that is not what the CSM does. Oh, there ARE things in the game I would love to see fixed. POS’s and more corp bookmarks, a window in stations so you can look out and see what awaits you. Some sort of automation to save the hardcore industrialists from carpal tunnel syndrome. I’d like to see more Live Events and Lore and some sort of motivator to break some of the growing inertia in nullsec. More reasons to go to lowsec aside from Faction Warfare.

I have never been afraid to voice my opinion and would love to answer any questions that you have though I don’t plan on feeding trolls. This is NOT a contest of antagonism but a choosing of a GROUP of people to represent the players to CCP. We have to be able to work together and we must be able to see concepts and ideas from a variety of different viewpoints to do the best for the game and for the players of Eve.

I don’t have a huge alliance backing me nor a dedicated voting block throwing all their votes my way. I need your votes, each and every one of you, to become your representative. Please, when the voting opens, vote for me, Mike Azariah to be YOUR rep in the CSM.


Mike Azariah for CSM8 – Representing YOU
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2 Responses to CSM8 Campaign Announcement

  1. rixxjavix says:

    Shame you can’t wrap a spaceship in VOTE MIKE flags and stickers and come race with us on Saturday, I imagine music playing from speakers on top of the ship as well.

    Best of luck to you. For whatever it is worth I think you’d make a great CSM representative!

    • mikeazariah says:

      I was wondering if it was too late to have a prize added . . . something with Vote Mike Azariah as the label. First Gallente ship across the finish line sort of thing.


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