CSM Temptations

*We can sell you, for a modest fee, a list of the comms for thousands upon thousands of pilots.  Think of what you could do with such a list.  a few short instructions and you would be in contact with them, guiding them to vote for you or to care about the issues.” !!!

“Automated, right?”

“We do it through third party cutouts so it is not against any of the existing laws.”

“Just against the spirit of them.  Tempting as your offer is I think I will do it the old fashioned way . . . going to the system and drag and dropping.  By hand.”

“Mr. Azariah, I am sure your competitors . . . . ”

“Can do as they damn well please.  If I was one to follow the crowds and do as others do then I would be a goon, right now, wouldn’t I?  Thanks, appreciate the call.”  Mike closed the channel and sighed.  It WAS tempting, cache scraping and a fast blizzard of mails out to people who otherwise wouldn’t vote.  Maybe get his name out there.  After all, it had worked for Trebor . . . no . . . Trebor had worked for Trebor.  He was one of the people Mike hoped to join on the CSM8, not displace.

The comm chimed again.  It was an admittedly shady contact Mike had made quite a while back, when studying smuggling.  “Hey boss, got a load of product for you from a supporter.  You’ll absolutely love this stuff, it leaves the aftertaste of key lime pie in your mouth.  Get you going for those big ole battles of yours.”

Mike laughed.  “I don’t fly in big Ole battles, just lil personal ones.”

“Said supporter, who wish ta remain anonny-mouse said you can use dem or sell dem ta support yer campaign.”

Mike looked at the shipment and whistled.  “Street Value on that looks to be a quarter Billion.  Thank your contact for me, will ya?”

“Just wondering, you gonna taste or sell?”

“Yeah, I’d make a real good candidate passed out in a gutter like some frenix chewing teenager.  Dunno, yet.  Gonna have to put it to some sort of use, be a shame not to.”

The comm closed and Mike looked again at the shipment transfer.  How the hell had that got into a 0.8 system in the first place?

He looked down at the calender on his comm and sighed.  All this fuss over a campaign that had yet to start.  He had not even posted his offical announcement and yet volunteers and suggestions, donations and well wishers were contacting him.

The comm chimed a third time.  *Dear Mike, I find the lack of buttslap sound effects in space disturbing.  Please win the CSM and fix it.  Love Caroline*  it was signed with a heart.

It took him three minutes to stop laughing and wipe the tears from his eyes.  “She’s right, of course.”  He called up for a cynabal and went out exploring, enough serious, it was time to have some fun.



What do you think?  Is mass mailing a necessary evil or something to be avoided?  Does the source of a donation taint the donation itself?

Should Eve look at sound again?  Aside from removing the Jukebox.

fly it like you are having fun


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3 Responses to CSM Temptations

  1. bobfenner says:

    Expect a couple of faction frigates coming your way Mike. Use as you see fit. Please just mention my name when you give them out or get em sploded. ):


  2. mikeazariah says:

    Thanks Bob. I really do appreciate the support.


  3. Last year I didn’t vote for Trebor partly because I received a mass mail from Trebor when I visited Jita and considered it spam. Overall though I think the effect might be a net positive, simply because it gives your name more exposure.

    In any case you were nr 3 on my list this year with 4 votes.

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