Election reform

Bleys put his feet up on the desk and looked across at Mike.  “You know you could recycle the campaign slogans from last time.  I worked hard on those.”

Mike chuckled.  ‘They worked then but now is a different election, new rules and new opponents.  Hell the new pilots wouldn’t even get some of the references.  No sense of history in New Eden, unless Mark726 is around.  Or Stan.”

“What do you think of the ‘new rules’?”

“Well the primaries, with 200 votes needed to get on the final ballot is a good start.  Problem is that I still think that they set the bar too low.  Even trolls can find 200 fools to join in on the joke.  The new STV idea . . . I need to see in action.”

“Not a fan?”  Bleys asked.

“Just not sure it is complex enough to not be easily gamed.  If the purpose of the change was to make a more representational election then it has to be relative resistant to an organized block controlling it.”

“You mean the Goons.”

“They are an organized block but not the only one with the potential to do such a thing.  Look how Eve Uni hijacked Trebors poll a few years ago.  Test also has the numbers to make a huge change if they tried.  No, this is not about the Goons.”  Mike shook his head.  “It is about getting a proper group of people to do the job at hand.  That is why I like the troll filter they are trying to implement.”

“How do you feel about the idea of mandatory voting?”

“I think it should be in place.  I KNOW that the argument against is that there will be a lot of random votes as a result, so what?  Even if they put a NONE of the ABOVE choice on the ballot it would still be better than 16% or less.  The randomness of voters would level out the field with just a higher baseline but there is a chance that some of those voters might take a chance to read up and choose with a bit more thought.  That is why the big blocks oppose it so vehemently.  They are afraid.”

“Why would a huge voting block fear a few extra thinking votes?”

“Because they know that a lot more hisec dwellers might actually support hisec representatives.  If THEY started to be forced to vote and thought a bit then they would far outnumber any null entity.  For all their taunts of ‘if you want to organize then do so’ they know that it won’t happen unless a mandatory vote makes it happen.  It would possibly disrupt their power block if 12000 votes was now just a drop in the bucket.”

“Why aren’t you making this part of your platform?”

“Because HOW the votes are done is not the choice of the candidates.  That would be like making the mice in charge of how the cheese is allocated.  We take the election procedures as they are handed to us and work within the guidelines.”

“I still say you should join my corp,  I could rally a lot of votes around you if you were a member.”  Bleys groused

“I am still trying to get back into null and I won’t join your corp just to try to convince them I am one of them and should be voted for.  Either YOU can convince them of that without me being a member, or you can’t.”  Mike made a cutting gesture.  ‘I am asking groups to support me but I won’t lie, I won’t promise things I cannot deliver.”

“Pretty sad politician you are.  I heard your interview and you said the same thing with Xander.  he took it as a weakness, that you would not guarantee the amount of time you would commit to the post.”

Mike hung his head.  “I know.  It probably cost me there because he wanted yes or no answers for future events with unknown conditions.  Maybe another candidate will blithely lie through their teeth and get his blessings.  I won’t.”

Bleys sighed.  “Why do you always make rules for how you do things that make the task more difficult?”

Mike looked up and grinned.  “Why do you go hunting in a newbie frigate?”

Bleys laughed and nodded.  “We each set the rules for the games we play, eh?  But I did like what I worked up for the last election . . .

Mike Azariah, Not just another bitter old veteran, rabid female pirate, famous rich player, or disgruntled third party software developer. Mike Azariah is a player, just like you. He loses ships, just like you. Vote Mike Azariah for CSM

And you should consider what I said about hiring some rookies out of my corp to go hit the trade hubs and get your name known.”

“You mean spam.”

“All I would have to do is pay out about 50mil and I bet I could get 5 rookies to go to 5 market hubs and send everyone an email of your platform to everybody there.  You think Trebor isn’t going to be doing things like that?  All it would have to be is something along the lines of

Hello, my name is Mike. I am running for CSM. I am a normal player who does the same sort of things you do. I am not some kind of fringe nutcase. I wrote this letter and sent it to you myself because players are important to me. Vote for me for CSM.

Nothing fancy, just let them know you care.  If they answer . . . I am willing to bet you’d write back to them wouldn’t you?”

“Have so far, someone sends a question it is only proper to respond in kind.”  Mike nodded.  “So you are saying it is not spam but just initiating conversations.”

“Mike, you have the ability to talk to people.  Show them that.  Get out there.”



Well, the changes to the election have been announced.  Candidacies are starting to rev up.  If you have questions you would like answered send me a comment or an in game mail.

I will need people to support me in the primaries,  Gotta get the 200 or I am not even in the race.  Of course if I cannot find 200 people to support me I don’t deserve to be in that race.

fly it like you voted for me



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4 Responses to Election reform

  1. bobfenner says:

    As always Mike, you will get my vote. And I think the idea of having to vote is a damned good idea. You make a very valid point about why the nullsec blocs would be so dead set against it too. 🙂

  2. Bleys says:

    I still think you should let me grease some palms. Isk is what makes the world go round.

  3. Raziel Walker says:

    Mandatory voting would assure a greater turnout and basically force players to get inforced in the elections more. I’m open to the idea as long as people have the chance to cast an abstain vote.
    I am just not sure about anything mandatory in a game.

    Mass blocks using their organisation and numbers to influence the elections is nothing new. Also, nothing prevents other blocks from doing the same or rallying players to prevent this.
    Vote Mike and blob to oppose voting blocks!

    Couldn’t even find a Jita speakers corner post announcing your candidacy and no small banner calling attention to you running on your blog?
    I only knew you were running because it was mentioned by Xander, Poetic or any other of a dozen blogs.

    • mikeazariah says:

      As I told Xander in the interviews . . while I understand how some people want to start the campaign as soon as possible I prefer to do it by the schedule set by CCP. These posts could be considered a start but I will formally announce my candidacy when the time is right.

      Canadians tend to have very short campaign periods, 60 days from announcement of election to actual ballotting. Americans seem to start running for the next election as soon as the last one is finished. I AM CANADIAN http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRI-A3vakVg

      I agree with you in that none of the above or abstention should be one of the choices. Even if there ARE characters called None of the Above and I Abstain. Seriously.


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