Mike leaned back against the bar and stretched.  “I know the pod is the same size in every ship, why do I always feel like I carried the damn orca over ever long jump I took?”  He rolled his neck and sighed.

The pilot next to him chuckled.  “Probably because you don’t know how to fly the damn thing.  Or fit it, for that matter.”

Mike looked at him and sighed.  “Not a lot of choice, Tank and more tank and the bloody thing waddles like a duck.  But I always make it to the next incursion ship and load intact.”

“Slow as a freighter because that is how you treat it.  Got any quick ships in there?”

“One or two.  Why?”

“Lets run five gates together, you in your quick ship and me in my orca.  We’ll talk after, if you want.”

Mike headed to the hanger and hauled his latest purchase out of the Orcas bay, a Dramiel with dual props, twin nanos in the lows and twin poly carbs in the rigs.  “Something fast.”  he whispered, more to himself than anybody else.

They met up at the first gate and agreed on a set of jumps across highsec.  “Watch what I do and do try to keep up.”  The orca pilot taunted and then the gate flashed and they headed off.

Mike jumped seconds after the orca and arrived on the far side just in time to see it warping off to the next gate.  “Luck of alignment?”  He wasn’t worried because he was sure he would pass the Orca in warp and be waiting . . . no, there it was and another gate flash ahead of him.

“I’ll catch him as he aligns . . ” Again the view of the orca entering warp as he exited the gate.  System after system, for five gates they kept pace with each other.  Orca and Dramiel.  It shouldn’t have happened that way but it did.

Mike watched for trickery, was someone helping by webbing the Orca?  No.  He checked his reference sources.  Dramiel warp speed was 6 AU per second, the Orca, well his own, anyways, was rated at 2.7 AU per second he should have been pulling well away from the Orca in the warps, let alone align time at the gates.  But he was not.

The return was spent chatting and he bought the Orca pilot a round for his crew when they were back in the station.  “So, how did you do it?”

The Orca pilot Grinned and passed across the fitting.

<fitting name=”Star Blaze Orca“>
  <description value=”” />
  <shipType value=”Orca” />
  <hardware slot=”low slot 1” type=”Power Diagnostic System II” />
  <hardware slot=”low slot 0” type=”Damage Control II” />
  <hardware slot=”med slot 0” type=”Thermic Dissipation Amplifier II” />
  <hardware slot=”med slot 1” type=”EM Ward Amplifier II” />
  <hardware slot=”med slot 2” type=”EM Ward Amplifier II” />
  <hardware slot=”med slot 3” type=”Prototype 100MN Microwarpdrive I” />
  <hardware slot=”hi slot 0” type=”Mining Foreman Link – Mining Laser Field Enhancement I” />
  <hardware slot=”hi slot 1” type=”Mining Foreman Link – Laser Optimization I” />
  <hardware slot=”hi slot 2” type=”Salvager I” />
  <hardware slot=”rig slot 0” type=”Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II” />
  <hardware slot=”rig slot 1” type=”Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II” />
  <hardware slot=”rig slot 2” type=”Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II” />

Mike read it over and nodded. “Not much of a tank but I guess if you are not prone to linger . . . . but then why have you got the mining links?”

“Part of the disguise.  Camps take one look at that and decide it is some poor old mining carebear, hardly worth their time anymore.  I don’t sit this one in a belt, I hide cargo in it.”

“I thought they abolished the hidden cargo.  No such things unless you are talking about double wrapping.” Mike was still reading the fitting and setting to transfer it to his files.

“Yeah, double wrap and it is pretty much an invite to be hit.  If you hid it it must be good.  No, you hide things in plain sight.  I usually carry a few Retrievers, if I want to move faction fit mods I put them on the ships in the bay and boom, the prospective thieves again see what they expect to see, nothing more.”

“Y’all saying that fittings of ships in the bay don’t show?”

“And who would expect a retriever to be loaded with officer mods and faction gear?  Smuggling is all about plain site and common knowledge of what people expect to see.  Yup, she may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself.”

“I see that.  Mike’s eyes wandered off of the specs over to the poster on the wall of the establishment.

“Yeah, fast is impressive.”

The Orca pilots eyes tracked to what Mike was looking at and he started to laugh.  “You have a suicide complex?  You’d be as dumb as that guy who took a skiff . . . . ”

Mike laughed.  “I called it the Party Boat.”



I was chatting with one of my friends who does specialized fittings . . . and he actually did show me what an orca could.  Damn.  I culled the fitting straight and no he did not carry drones in his but I would put ecm ones in, juuuuust in case.

Funny, make a ship look like what people expect and they won’t give it a second glance.

As to align time, which I thought was where I would make the time on him, coming out of a jump gate he told me align is not the issue, just speed, so he pulses the 100mn mwd once and poof, he is gone again, bloody scary to see an orca go so fast off the line.

Rixx and the Tuskers are inviting all to come fly, race, die.  It is a blast and I hope to make it again this year.

From the race announcement

Soooo, capitals anyone?
Rixx replied

Y’know, if anyone wants to bring one and park it at the starting gate in Mara with thousands of other ships – I will change the name of the event on the spot to KILL THE CAP!! lolz

I tossed in

that would also be popular

permission to do stupid things, again? and write about them, of course\

Rixxs answer cracked me up
Permission granted. It wouldn’t be a DR if you didn’t.

So, gentle readers.  Plan ahead, visist The Death Race site.  If you don’t want to fly but want to toss some isk at a forlorn hope then send it to me and I will again bling out a stupid fit to give a buncha folks a killmail to talk about or I could survive, starnger things have happened.

fly it like you won it


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5 Responses to Orca

  1. Bleys says:

    Just checking in. I see you liked the fit?

  2. Raziel Walker says:

    Orca with mwd takes about 10 seconds to get into warp which is slower as a dramiel. Warp speed even with rigs is also slower as the dramiel. So I don’t understand how that orca can keep up with you.
    Every gate jump you should win about a second on that orca?
    Although computer speed might come into play. I’ve often arrived the same time on gate as a hostile, we both jump and I am in warp by the time his name shows up in local and he decloaks.

    • mikeazariah says:

      way I understand it, when you come off a jump you do not possess a direction so align is imaterial. The orca pilot tells me he clicks (in order) next gate–>jump on contact–>mwd on–>mwd off one cycle of mwd gets him to 75% and bang, he is gone

  3. Araziah says:

    You’ve inspired me. I wish I could participate now. I’ve got a few other crazy ideas to try out. But I’ll only be helping run things, it looks like.

  4. Bleys says:

    I do have a very fast computer running overclocked RAM and a dedicated SSD for EVE. That, and I was running the warp speed implant freighter pilots use. You are right on the 10 seconds part though.

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