Holy Cruddles

It was all the media covered, that night.  Mike got onto a channel with some friends and they watched the developments, one or two of them were rushing to try to get there and be a part of it.

Distortion of the space by so many ships had ‘tidi’d’ the area down to a crawl but that did not keep more from piling in and becoming part of the brawl that all started with a single mistake of one button for another.

“According to reports coming out of the conflict at this time Dabigredboat of the Goons was setting up for a hotdrop on some Gallente Miltia.”  The reporter was sayng, breathlessly.

“Dat right there be the first mistake . . . we good at makin friends.”

The reporter continued.  “The militia had already contacted Pandemic Legion asking for their support if they could trap Supers with HICs.”

“Like I said, makin friends be everyting.”  Mike nodded.

“When Dabigredboat made a mistake and jumped his own Titan onto the field rather than bridging the rest of his fleet . . . the trap was sprung.  Call went out on both sides and ships started to swarm towards the normally sleepy system of Asakai.”

“Tainst sleepy now.  How ya doing, guys?”

Min called in . . . “In a drake trying to get systems to load system, everything is so slow.”

“I’m in a hero rifter with painters . . . ”  Chendow crowed.

Mike laughed and looked to the map, “Too far for me to go die, today.  But you have fun.”

The conversation eventually turned to other topics but all were still monitoring the fight from the side.



One little misclick . . . just wow.

Look, I teach math and the ramifications of this knock me flat.  Mittens web site, Evenewsmittani.com, puts the cost of that engagement at about 834 Billion.  Cheap plex sell for $15=500 mill.  So you multiply . . . carry the three . . . equivalent real world cost in the area of $25,000.  In one night. In one battle.  Because of one missclick.

Holy Cruddles

fly it like you won it, not like you are gonna lose it





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3 Responses to Holy Cruddles

  1. skajit spey says:

    25 k…..holy crap!

  2. Jack says:

    lol I couldn’t even trade in my car for enough plex to cover that fight.

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