Podside 72

He slumped back down on his couch after closing the comms and sighed.  “How the hell do I get myself into these things?”

The viewscreen was cycling through the incursions alert and did not deign to answer.  Too tired to get out ships and start looking for a fleet he went over the evenings events.  He knew that the Podside folks would be up for a chat tonight and there was a lot to talk about.  The Merc crews had finally made the big-time and Zion and his friends would the there in spades.  The almost war between Test and the Goons was simmering and Mike really wanted to hear what the others thought of it.

So he opened a few channels and found the one they were going to be on but the usual hosts of the channel, Placid and Pukin, were nowhere to be found.  Chendow was also missing and said to be experiencing technical difficulties so who would be the host of the gathering?

“I get into these things because I bloody well volunteer for them.”  Mike answered his own question and sighed.  “I suppose it wasn’t TOO bad.”

He had made the decision, early on, that the best way to run it would be to let others talk and he would just give prompts from the side.  Besides, he didn’t have any complaints about customer service.  The broker (at least that is what Mike thought he was, definitely in sales of some sort in the merc industry) waxed poetic about the new world that was coming to pass.

Zion and his fellow Dusties were just glad to have the security gags removed so they could actual talk about the game but most of that conversation went right over Mikes head.  When the sales guy moved on to make other deals the conversation hit closer to home but the consensus was that there would not be a great war anytime soon.  Goons would not dare risk their tech moons and that would be the end of that.

Hans of the CSM managed to show up at the last minute which made ending the chat a bit more problematic but when Urziel gave Mike the high-sign Mike did what had to be done.  Ended it.

Now he sat and wondered if the leaders of the great alliances were ever ‘given the high-sign’ and then chose whether or not to ‘do what had to be done.’



Yeah, was meaning to write a post about the war and how I thought it was a scam or a shadow play by Mittens and Montolio.  Yup, I would have been wrong.  Kind of.

It was a shadow play but I am beginning to think the puppeteers have hands up THEIR asses.

Fun to watch, popcorn in hand.

I had a good time helping out on podside 72 (link not up yet)

There is a Keres up for grabs, comments in the next few days etc etc.  The Keres comes courtesy of Sindel and the Angel Project.

Oh and thanks to CCP Pokethuhlu for coming on the show.  (the merc marketing guy)

fly it like you won it


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1 Response to Podside 72

  1. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    Just started listening to all kinds of eve podcasts now, and I am really enjoying them as long as the volume is fairly regular. Had a few experiences were the fluctuations made it really hard to hear at one point and made my ear ear explode the next. I will have to look into Podside becauer this episode sounds awesome!

    Wow! Seems like you get a lot of Keresii (?) ^^
    Because I trust this isn’t the one I sent you?

    No need for me to enter this contest. Still have a couple of them lying around


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