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I have been home recovering from surgery, the past few days, which has allowed me to read more ‘discussions’ than I normally do.  Some I have no right to really venture an opinion on (Like the Goons Test debacle) but I do anyways.

Others hit a little closer to home.  Hans and Xander have been tweeting back and forth about whether and why a Dusty should be allowed to serve on the CSM.

  1. @Seleene_EVE Couldn’t disagree more, boss. The state of the beta is exactly WHY the CSM needs to engage on Dust514 issues ASAP. 🙂

  2. @HansShotFirst @seleene_eve If you want the CSM to engage CCP on Dust surely it would be advantageous to have a Dust specialist on CSM?

  3. @midi2304 @Seleene_EVE Oh I’d totally agree – but they HAVE to be an EVE expert as well. But I’m also in the minority re: Dusters on the CSM

  4. @HansShotFirst @seleene_eve stand then great. But failing that, get a Dust expert who knows a little about Eve and replace a waste-of-space.

  5. @midi2304 @Seleene_EVE It’s my opinion that a Dust rep with little EVE knowledge WOULD be a waste of space. CSM is still primarily for EVE.

@HansShotFirst @seleene_eve Primarily yes. We are talking about taking 1/14th of the CSM with a Dust spec. It’s a very small %age.

  This takes me back to a question I asked CCP Pokethuhlu.  What are the devs and movers and shakers at CCP calling this combined world of Dust and Eve?  New Eden is one suggestion but it doesn’t really have staying power.

Is CCP trying for a unified game and a unified world/universe in more than just advertising and market speak?  If they are then a Dust rep on the CSM will be an absolute must.

If they are two different games then it is fine to segregate and isolate them and just mention in passing that they overlap a little.  Xander, above, makes the strongest argument in that not all 14 seats of the CSM are actively filled at the moment.  I would FAR rather see a Dusty sitting next to me having input than an empty useless space with some troll candidates name on it.

DUST is a growth of the game.  Now may be the time where we get to define that growth and what it means to Eve.  Will we sideline it as ‘teens we can drop bombs on’ or will we accept it as a growth of our gaming community and a revitalization of our universe.

There ARE Dust players who have been in the beta since the beginning and have also played Eve for years.  I am sure at least a couple of them will be running, this time around.  I wish I had a PS3 so i could have more of both sides of this debate but I remain a dyed in the wool Eve player and candidate for the Eve side of the CSM.  But that does not mean that I want to keep other voices off of the council.  Far from it.  Give me 13 enthusiastic passionate players to talk to and to approach CCP with.

That is what I want

fly it like you won it


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