POS stands for something, what do you stand for?

She laughed quietly as she signed off on the manifest.  People,nearby, were arguing about POS design and management, again.

“Something funny, miss?”

“While working my way through school I was in retail.  Ladies wear.  POS stood for something else, back then.  It was the three letter acronym for Point of Sale.  Then I went into the military, for a brief stint and if anybody said POS it was a piece of sh . . . well, you know.”

He nodded, smiling.

“So now I am listening to all the argument about restructuring how POS’s are done and I KNOW that they mean Player Owned Station but the back of my head still echoes with the former meanings.  The business side of me says that they are giant points of sale and the cynic in me looks at them and agrees with the military designation.  I think the people pushing for a re-examination of how they are made and administered is far far overdue.”

“So, you pilots going to go shoot a monument again?”

She sniffs and straightens her sweater, primly.  “No, I believe that that level of protest would be counter productive at this time.  If we do have the ear of the powers that be then we should engage in discourse, not throw a tantrum.”

The tech pointed at the other pilots who were now yelling and waving their arms about.  “I wouldn’t say everyone agrees with you.”

“Even children can be made immortal, that does not give them wisdom or maturity, just a longer time and greater ability to be loud and irritating.”



I am still plowing through the minutes.  I feel like I will have to do a second pass and take notes, maybe I will.

If you have not voiced your opinion on the threadnaught about POS’s then join twostep in the forums, here  

The concept of lego station makes me giddy.  But please people . . . .as twostep says in the first post of the thread . . .

Again, it is absolutely critical that this thread not devolve into people yelling and screaming at CCP. The process of deciding what will be part of the May expansion is going on *right now* and you are only hurting the cause by raging.

Speak but speak clearly and with passion but do not spin on the floor kicking your legs screaming for what you want.  Mommy may give in but trust me, having seen that in malls, I have been sorely tempted to apply a swift kick.

And I am a kind and gentle teacher.

fly it like you won it and can dock it at your own designed station





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