Private Lines

She is a pencil pusher.  An accountant and graduate of several trade schools across New Eden.  This job had a nice tidy salary and almost no expectations which suited her just fine as it allowed her time to attend to her own projects.

The comm chimed . . . .the company comm.  It never (almost) chimed.  It had not in a very long time.  She spent so long trying to remember when it last had seen use that the caller was routed to the answering service.  Then her private comm buzzed.  Not the private business one but the really private one that she never used.  Ever.

This time, a bit quicker to the call.  “Yes?”

“We regret the irregularity of using this line.  We were hoping to allow you the sense of security and secrecy that you so seem to cherish.  But since you did not answer the company line . . . ”

“Who is this?”

“I am the current factor in charge of the GBA public relations and the person to whom Mr. Azariah, and now you, report to, if requested.”

“You want a report?”  She stares at the shadowy outline on the comm in disbelief.

“No, I actually have no need of such as we do tend to find things out for ourselves.  Independent fools that we are.  That IS how you referred to us in that recent call to one of your Amarr contacts is it not?”

“I . . . I don’t know what you mean.” She stutters, looking towards the door, nervously.

“Yes, yes, let us get all that sort of protestations of innocence out of the way right off.  Much easier in the long run I think.  Oh and before you check, yes, I do have people outside your door, yes I have frozen your assets, temporarily, and yes, you ARE in a bit of trouble.  Have I missed anything?  You know how forgetful we ‘decadent idiots’ can be.”

She blanches.  That had been a bit of banter made a few days ago when she was selling . . .

“No, looks like we covered it?  Good.  Now here is what is going to happen, next.  Mr Azariah will be contacting you to award a Dominix to some deserving pilot.  Out of your own pocket you will upgrade that to a Navy Dominix.  If this fails to happen then we will let interested parties know how you have come by the profits of late.  And in that regard.”  The shadows behind the outline deepened with a touch of scarlet.  “If we ever, ever, find that you are doing that sort of business again we will show you what really happens if we decide to ‘Pay Attention'”

She nods mutely.

“Good, I am so glad we have had a chance to ‘touch base’ as it were.  No hard feelings, just a new path, going forward, eh?  Now I would get that if I were you, I think we know who it is.”

The business comm chimes again just as the private one closes connection.


“Heyas, I gots a prize to give out but I am kinda out of the way right now.”  Behind him she can see crews scrambling to ships, pods inserting into a fleet of Muninns.  “Now normally I would come up and go shoppin myself buuut”

“No no no.  I understand completely Mr. Azariah.  A Dominix?  To whom?”

He checks a card and read then spells out the name.  “Hustomte.  Attach a note saying that in this case the early bird got the worm.”

“I shall.  Anything else?”

He laughs.  “No, I am sure that after this you can go back to your nap or whatever you do with the rest of your time.  Gotta run, some nut wants me covering his back.”

The channel closes.  Her wallet chimes as the amount to cover a Dominix appears.  She sighs and upgrades the account with a transfer from her own account and then commences the purchase and contract.  When the tasks are done she quietly walks to the door and, after a long moment, opens it.  Nobody is there but there is a small vase with her favorite blossoms and a bottle of wine.  Shaking, she takes them inside and closes the door.



I did fly in a fleet, today.  Even saw Elise Randolph in local as PL hotdropped us.  We got a few of them, they got a lot more of us.  I managed to stay out of reach and survive . . .I suppose nobody ever bothers attacking the scimitar (oh wait).  The fun part was the intelligence and counter intelligence that was going on.

For all that people talk about local I think it would hardly change to cat and mouse games in null.  Each fleet is fairly thoroughly infiltrated.  We knew where they were and vice versa.  Our FC pulled a simon says gambit to get us clear with contradictory orders on comms and fleet chat so as to keep the spies slightly confused.  It worked and we managed to escape with the main body of the fleet.

Ever wonder who is watching you?  Who is able to check up on your activities?  Does your corp/alliance have an api and monitors you or are there other copies of your info about?

Hustomte.  Check contracts.  If she does her job right there should be something there for you by now.

as for the rest of you, fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Private Lines

  1. Keith says:

    *jaw drops* – absolutely fantastic! 🙂
    – Hustomte

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