Pre Second Summit Minutes

“Ya ever wonder . . . ”  Mike asked as he added spices to his coffee, “whether winning a seat on the CSM is a prize or a punishment?”

“You DO plan on running again, don’t you?”  Scotty asked watching the jars set to the side grow.  Vanilla, cardamon, cinnamon, demerara sugar . . .

“Yeah, but I sent some questions to the candidates and this was the poorest response, yet.  Out of the thirteen . . . three.”

“Lemme guess.”  Scotty held up a hand forestalling Mike from continuing.  “Hans, Alekseyev and Two-Step.”

“Not bad.”  Mike grinned and sipped the concoction then leaned back in his chair.  “Issler instead of Two-Step but the other two were right on the iskies.  Now I know it is kinda silly to ask questions just before another document of their meetings is released but I got tired of waiting.”

“Probably gonna be even bigger and more detailed.  Things like that are not written over night.”

“Perhaps.  So Alekseyev answered first.  I sent all of them the same set of questions . . . ”

“How has the term been?  Did you accomplish what you set out to do?  What have your accomplishments been?  What have you learned and will you run again?”

“Simple enough.  Why did you ask the last one?  Want to know who your competition will be?”

Mike laughed.  “Like that makes a difference?  Candidates are already declaring and battle lines being drawn.  No, I had another reason but we will get to the reason in due time.  Alekseyev did good by me and his answers were well thought out and complete.  Matter of fact all three of them were detailed and  . . . well, communicative, all three of them.  But right now I want to talk about the first and last part of the question set.  How did they think things went and will they run again.”

“Guess time?”

“Go for it.”  Mike grinned.

“‘Mission accomplished’ and all three plan on riding their victory floats on the next campaign trail.”

“Truth to tell?  That would have been my guess as well.  Now what they tell me is not written in stone and they could still change their minds but only Hans is hedging his bets and Alekseyev and Issler both said they would rather get back to being pilots, not politicians.  That is what I was saying.  You love a thing so much you want to do all you can to make it better and in that effort you wind up having to lose the very thing you love.”

Scotty frowned.  “In english?”

“If you go into the CSM because you love being a pilot in New Eden the one thing you will do far less of is piloting.  I think Issler said it better . . . ”

As for running again, I think I have earned some time away from the CSM and need to focus on Tada O and BEEP -Issler

Scotty harumphed and sipped his coffee, stalling for time.  Finally he looked up to meet Mikes eyes and asked.  “This worry you?”

“Only a little.  I know that if you have a seat in the CSM it is a bloody great big job and will expand to fill whatever free time you ever thought you had.  I wonder how many candidates are run over by that particular bus and wind up bowing out because they just cannot shoulder the whole load and they refuse to do a half-assed job.”

“So, instead of doing half of it they do none of it?  That makes no sense at all.”

“Only human.”  Mike muttered.  “I didn’t say I agree with the rationale, just that I understand it.  Just like I understand the concept of joke candidates even if I don’t approve of their getting seats and cutting the effective workforce of the CSM as a consequence.  Then there is the added incentive of the active ones being the ones who draw fire from the critics.  I don’t hear a lot of complaint about the jokers but Two-Step, Hans, and the rest, they get all the grief about being fail or ineffective.”

“Are they?”

Mike shook his head.  “Hans answered that one for me, indirectly.”

If we’ve succeeded, we’ll see a summer expansion that is headed in this direction, but it won’t be delivered on CSM7’s watch. Its simply the nature of beast that the dates while a CSM sits on the council do not neatly contain the actual consequences of their work. This will no doubt be ignored by many in the coming election, as new contenders attempt to throw us under the bus for stuff that CSM6 was responsible for, or that wasn’t delivered in time for the election (but that we successfully worked into summer plans). And who cares? Those of us who take the CSM seriously just have to cast that off and keep noses to the grindstone, playing the long game with CCP and doing our best to steer the ship in the right direction, whether we get credit for it or not. -Hans

Scotty nodded.  “He is right, the lag between effort and results makes it difficult to know who did what, sometimes.  Especially if you include the NDA in the equation as well.”

“Exactly.  But these three.  They are still alive, still kicking.  Tired, yes, but they are still working and making the effort.  And you can see some of the campaigns heating up already and candidates looking for appropriate buses to throw the CSM7 under.  Always makes me laugh because they are so sure they won’t get the same treatment, a year down the line.”

“Going to do anything different this year, campaign wise?”  Scotty asked softly.

“Already have, in my own way.  Already have.  But damn, the previous CSM leave some big boots to fill.  Each year has been better than the last, in my opinion.  Never seen much point in runnin down people who had to break the trail for not going fast enough.  That is what the last 7 have done.  Break trail, make relationships and set standards.  Doubt 8 will be presented with a finished product, they will still be learnin, formin more paths.  Lost of change comin on the horizon .  . gonna be interestin times.”

“And you want to be a part of it.”

“I think we all do.”



I will have more and I hope more CSMs answer.

Don’t listen to the naysayers of previous CSMs.  We have been building a political pyramid.  Each council standing on the shoulders of the previous ones.  You don’t expect a finshed product on the second day of consrtuction, you lay a foundation.  Then the base plates, the frame, walls, trusses.

Someday we may have a roof and a solid structure . . .

I am really looking for ward to the minutes.  You can hear the excitement in the CSM people who are talking yet gagged by the NDA.

interesting times ahead

fly it like you won it



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