BB 43 Chickening out

…Applaud Your Peers, Embarrass Your Enemies…

At the turn of the year in meatspace, award season starts to spin up. Across the general media, folk are encouraged to look to their peers and recognise excellence and inspiration from the previous year.

For the past two years I have attempted to do the same for EVE by distributing imaginary Free Boot Awards to an eclectic assortment of community luminaries. This year I thought it might be nice to expand the concept.

For Blog Banter 43 I would like to invite every participant to nominate their peers for whatever awards you think they deserve. Let’s start the year with some EVE-flavoured altruism and celebrate the best and the worst of us, the funniest or the most bizarre, the most heroic of the most tragic of the past year. They could be corpmates, adversaries, bloggers, podcasters, developers, journalists or inanimate objects. Go nuts.

There’s only one rule: no narcissism allowed (so step away from that mirror and resist the urge to nominate yourself).

Other than that, if it’s great, let’s celebrate.

Banter On.


The last of the guests had gone and the hanger assembly area was quiet, again.  Mike leaned up against a crate of small arms and sighed.  “Aint never gonna be able to say thank you to her, for that.”

Scotty smiled and handed over a bottle.  “She knows.”

Ev was visible inside the self-inflicted cloud of smoke.  “Sure ting, mon.  She knew and she knows sho nuff.”

Mike took a swig from the bottle, paused and then took a second one.  “Thank you’s never seem to be enough.  You want to do something bigger.  Parades, medals, awards, even.”

“Nah, mon.  Dem be the mistake most folks make.  It all comes back ta the beginning.  Why somebody do someting in da first place.  Iffen dey was doing it for da adulation o’ da crowds . . . it no be right.  Iffen they was doing it cause they wanted to . . . the awards they be not needed.  The doing WAS da reward.”

“True ’nuff”  Mike nodded.  “But sometimes we forgets to say even a simple thank you.  Awards, I think, is supposed to make up for that, somehow.  It is how a group can say thank you to someone they might miss, else-wise.”

Ev snorted.  “It be difficult cause you make it so.  Ya want to make a difference?  Take a note from Dee.  You send a thank you to the folks you think need it.  Directly.”

Mike squinted at Ev, took another pull from the bottle and passed it back to Scotty.  “Ya know, sometimes you gets smarter than anybody smokin that stuff has a right to be.”


Rixx said it better but this is my quiet take on it.  I am not going to hold any one person up to the light and cast the rest into shadow.  I am going to send thank you’s in game, in evemails, in comments.  May take a bit of time but I cannot make one of you better or worse than the others.

I do not want to take anything from the others who, braver than I, took a stand and named names.  They, below, were willing to brave the judging and in turn will be judged themselves.

I am a coward.  But a thankful one.

Ship will be awarded Sunday from post 300.

fly it like you won it


And The Winners Are…

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