OOC Looking back

According to WordPress this is Post 299.  I figured I would take a moment to look back at what I have written, characters in my stories, and a short precis of the story arcs, so far.

Once in a while I come across someone who tells me they have read all my posts from 1 up.  After I apologize I so want to ask them questions of what struck them, what they liked and disliked.  But I haven’t the guts to do so.

So I have taken a few days to run myself through all the posts and see what I have done since June of 2009.  It did take a few days . . . damn, I didn’t think I wrote that much.


Mike:  Me, and my avatar.  Sometimes I even have trouble differentiating as I like to express my opinions through him/me, whatever.  I wrote This and this if you want more detail.

Kaye:  Alt of mine, Very concerned with neatness

Jiorj  (another of my alts):  How I learned about lowsec and pvp.  Thanks a ton to Black claw and other pilots of Ouch

Scotty and Ev. Fictional Docking manager and hanger fittings specialist in Cat.  Foils so my opinions become a conversation and not a monologue.  Ev is usually brought in when I want to discuss fittings or ships.

Kry.  Real player . . . semiretired of late but I am always hopeful she will come back.  Mining Queen, carebear in love with a pirate (Sab).  Peaceful as all get out unless you threaten her and hers then she is a mother bear.

Ferr, Mar, Riyu, Hardin, Flashfresh All real players that I have had the honour of flying with along with many many others.

Keilidh  most common winner of prizes, a real pilot, just damn lucky.

Victoria. and Dee.  One is based on a pilot, the other a complete fabrication.  Both have been gone for a while, now

Tanta:  Mikes Aunt, elderly and a good sounding post for foolishness in game.

Free and the Tech (Cory):  Part of a Minmatar death squad organization.

Commander Walker and company.  DUST mercs who Mike crosses paths with occasionally.

Plots and Storylines

Issah:  A journal of one of the original researchers into pod tech.  He questioned the religion and its fear of the promise of immortality.  The book Mike carries is his original journal although Mike has no clue that it is being hunted by an Amarr fundamentalist sect.

Free:  Hit woman for the Minmaar death squads.  Usually supported by her tech who researches the targets.  Having a hard time coming to terms with having a friend in Mike.

GBA  Gallente Benevolence Association.  A group forwarding the Gallente cause and ships.  Prone to, through Mike, give away prizes now and again for no apparent reason.  They do take donations and then promptly hand them out again.  Currently quiet as Mike is involved elsewhere.  Most recent recipient being Kirith (a hurricane)

CSM (yes they are real-ish)  I have run for the election several times and keep a solid eye on how the politics goes (or does not go)  Platforms and opinion pieces here as well as aftermaths of interviews and articles.

Incursions:  Oh the lead up to this set my brain a-fire and then it became a nice piece of PvE.  Then it became elitist.

WMiUT  What Mike is up to.  This is the catch all that follows my adventures in new eden.  Currently a member of Against all Anomolies.  I fly for fun.

Favourite Posts

Image  I just had too much fun writing this and even CCP gave me a present of how to make a portrait in the recent christmas gifts.

Grave  I liked this one, start to finish.

299 posts, wow.  WordPress had this to say about my blog in the past year

For those of you who have followed me this far, thank you.  No sign of endgame for me.

No sign of burnout, either, except from reading all those posts.

prize will be announced in the next post #300

fly it like you won it



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