IC – OOC – Irony

Mike laughed as the Exequror docked.  “Well, I guess I am officially back in null.”  The roam had been declared a complete success by all involved.  He had even been invited to join up the next time a T1 Cruiser gang formed up.

He locked down the ship and, as was his habit, scanned across the fiting panel and winced.  “I do not believe that I survived that.”  Empty slots in the mids and lows showed a half fit ship that should never have undocked.  But he had and he and the other logi had held the fleet together.

His wallet was still blinking.  “Wonder what I bought.”  A tap opened the files and his laughter redoubled.  “Oh lords, half-assed ship in a fleet that actually planned on dying and I gets paid for killing Goons.  This night cannot GET any better.”



Yup, bounties work.  Yup, the T1 logis are effective and bloody cheap.  I had a great time roaming with the phantom squad and although I did not show on any kill mails it was still a blast.

Below is a small niggling piece that has been bouncing around in the back of my head for a few days.  Sometimes, when considering an argument I like to turn it on its head and see how it reads, then.  The complaints of some Eve players about Dust integration triggered that reaction and so this came bubbling out.

Dust players are finally breaking the NDA to complain about how they don’t want Eve connected to their game.  ‘Eve is too pay to win’ they decry.  ‘You expect me to buy a computer and pay for software just so I can do better at my free to play game?’

More active forum members are pushing for CCP to shut down Eve operations until DUST 514 is fully operational.  “Stop wasting our resources, we want all the devs focused on OUR game.  The one with proper ties to the bigger gaming industry and a far larger population than some little niche game that hardly anybody plays.’




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3 Responses to IC – OOC – Irony

  1. Zzzzleepyhead says:

    So you get shared bounty even if you rep? That was very kind of CCP! Gotta get me a couple of Exeqs 🙂 nom nom

  2. mikeazariah says:

    yup, all I did was be in fleet and keep the shooters alive and it still paid off.


    • Zzzzleepyhead says:

      Sweet! That was a good implementation. Been reading a little about it and it seems as long as you are in fleet you get paud. But I wonder if you get paid if you are in another system as well, or you need to be in the same system/on grid. Hmm.. Do you know? 🙂

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