Once is bad luck

She kicked off the footwear and grimaced.  “Now I know why they call them Ugg Boots.”

The tech rolled his eyes and continued gathering information for the briefing.  Target habits, locations, mode of transport.  All of it was assembled to try to make a complete picture of the man onto which they would paint their bulls-eye.  Data came in from sources both public and more covert and each added a detail but it took an artist to collect the details into a usable assemblage.  “I’ll have something for you in another half hour.”

“Then I have time for a shower.”

She left as he continued working and he waited until he heard the water running before switching on the comm and asked.  “I understand the instruction, sirs, but not the reasoning behind them.”

“Not your job to understand everything . . . ”

“Actually, sirs, yes it is.”

“NOT this time.  Now follow the orders and do not contact us again until this mission is completed.”  The comm channel closed without giving him time to respond.  He sighed and went back to forming the subject profile.

An hour later Free was scowling at the results of his work.  “The big question is ‘why hasn’t he been targeted sooner’?”

“He has.”  A tap of a key brought up new data.  “We lost a team to him last year and two others the year before.  Command has been waiting to give it another shot but . . . they don’t want to lose more people.”

She looked over at him, damp hair still wrapped in a towel.  “Have we become expendable?”

“We were always expendable.  But we got this job, now, because of the latest statistics.  As of the hit last weekend you now have the best success rate.”

“What do you mean, best?”

“I know you don’t care for all the ‘numbers stuff’ but bear with me.  It is kind of like the capsuleers who run the missions for agents.  You have managed to unlock the level 5 missions now.”

She shook her head.  “Wrong.  WE have managed to do that.”

He grimaced, his face turned to the screen so she did not see.  “The fact that the target has managed to evade three teams so far indicates one of a few of possibilities.  One, we could be infiltrated.  Two, we could be sending second rate teams.  Three, we just have had a run of bad luck.  Four, his security precautions exceed our preparations.”

“Which do you think it is?”  She asked.

“I hope it is the third but we have to act like it is the fourth which could lead to the first.  In other words, his security precautions could mean that we are infiltrated.”  He sighed.  “That means this is a suicide run, pure and simple.  If he knows we are coming the mission is impossible.”

“So why did we get the mission?”

“I think it is the if-factor.  If we fail then they will do a purge of all int assets, trying to find the mole.”

“A lot of good that will do me.”

“I know.  I don’t have a good a good answer for that.  All I can do is try to give you what we have.  Only thing is this is the same info the last team had, and they failed.”




Eve is about trust and the lack of it.  You might assume that you are infiltrated but you always wonder whom.  You look about and wonder if they came her to screw you over or something has made a former trusted ally turn against you.

Worse.  Eve is not about being alone.  To play you HAVE to trust.  Your FC, your Logis.  The ones who fly beside you might also be chatting with the opposition, or they might have moles IN the oppositions supplying you with better intel.

So it is a tight rope,  Some tighten security, others say screw it, and a third class mix misinformation in to the point that you trust nothing involving them.

Hisec, lowsec, null.  Who do you trust and who trusts you?

fly it like you won it


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