For the isk? No

The Venture was the most fun Mike had experienced, in a mining ship.  Fast, sleek, and a cargo hold that rivaled bigger classes of ships.  He set up an orbit and locked the lasers on a ‘roid and leaned back.  Channels open he was able to talk to others and keep a weather eye on the surroundings as he did so.

On the second run he ran a clock against the yield and worked out that he paid for the ship and fittings in one run and could turn a slow profit of about 2.5 mill per hour in a peaceful 0.9 system with no worry of ‘rats’

“Not the most lucrative but whoo dis bird be flying”  He said to himself.  Conversations came and went.  He recorded a small broadcast with some frineds and chatted with a few Dust Bunnies.

“Not a bad way to while away da time, eh?”

His wallet flashed and he idly tapped the icon to see what order had been filled this time.  “Riiiight, kinda makes this almost a waste o time.”  A gain of a hundred million in profit margin from a sale he had left in enemy territory.  “I love it when da other side be paying me.”

He paused and looked out at the asteroid he was orbiting.  “2 mill an hour or market-fu and make 50 times dat.  But I tink I keep out here, for now, doin this.  It aint the iskies it be the flyin, pure and simple.”  He chuckled.  “But the iskes do be nice.”



Just because it doesn’t make the best profit doesn’t make it less worth while.  Even mining

Oh, a winner of the ‘cane.  Kirith damn you, ya got another prize.  I’ll contract it in game.


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2 Responses to For the isk? No

  1. Jerod Trd says:

    The Venture is indeed a sweet ship…

    Already a blog somewhere about someone setting up in NPC Nullsec with some BPOs and a venture to see how long they last…

    It is the first true ninja mining ship… And long may she live.

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