Mike checked comms.  “Fina-bloodi-ly”  His access to the new message areas had been approved and he was back in business.  “Site check.  Step 1”

Evaluating a message system, for Mike, held a few tasks.  Timeliness, expected usage, relevance.  He had seem some that promised updating and the promise itself was more than a year old.  Others were expecting you to live on the board as they would announce things about to happen.  Neither were, in his opinion, useful.

Timelines:  Messages were as current as the present day, CTA’s seemed to be announced far enough in advance to be attendable.  Maps of the Jumpbridge network and current fitting doctrines all looked good.  Mike took a few moments to set up a new Battleship for one of the doctrines before returning to the evaluation.

Expected usage.  He flipped channel to channel and could not find any ‘Welcome to the channels’ nor could he find any draconian rules as to postings and or expected attendance and readings.  He called it a tie.

Relevance:  This the comm system had in spades.  Each topic held information or gems and he appreciated the lack of iconic memes or juvenile attempts at comedy.  Clean, concise.  Easy to navigate and no nsfw.  Perfect.

“Well,”  Mike drawled “either they got some kick-ass moderators or they just moved to a new system and haven’t had time for the wear and tear ta set in.”  Didn’t matter.  He could read and learn and pass things on to his corp mates and that is what counted.  He sent a Than You note to Dack Pilot who had been instrumental in getting him past the initial hurdles.  Grabbing a drink and a note pad he got to work seeting up ships for the CTAs to come.



Ever look at your own forums?  Alliance or corp?  How do they rate.  Are they useful or This, instead?

Who is responsible?  Are they overworked?  Is there a way you could help?  Do you ‘me too’ or passively take in the info or are you active there?

It bis easy to complain, harder to help fix

Fly it like you won it



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