BB41 The Pitch

The universe of EVE is not without its drama and epic stories, both in and out of game. Imagine a publisher, movie studio or television network asked you to prepare a pitch for a new brand of EVE-flavoured entertainment. This could be your big break, what would be your synopsis to bring New Eden to the wider audience?
Fevered Scribblings from the Blogging Imaginarium:


OK how long do I got?  That’s it?  Dammit, OK I will talk fast.
It’s gonna be two movies in one, see?  We will have the core sci-fi battle all wrapped up in the meta shell.

What?  Oh Meta means . . . well bear with me.  You’ll get it.  What?  No not like the Cloud Atlas or Inception . . .well not exactly like them . . . anyhow . . .

Inside it is a battle tournament on an epic scale with huge ships and thousands of people in an almost gladiatorial style combat where the punishment for breaking something as simple as the boundary rules is instant destruction.  We’d focus on the personal story of a some of the team captains and how they make the last minute decisions of life or death before entering the combat.  CGI boys would have a field day with this.  The explosions alone will be worth the ticket price.  I have some storyboards and initial art back at the office.

The wrapper?  Oh, the outer story.  See this is actually a game and there are real people playing it.  We go from the heroic handsome leather-clad heros of space to real people out in the world, our world.  I already have made contacts with some of them from around the world willing to do this documentary style movie about what they do . . .

NO, It won’t be boring.  See the game spills into their lives more than you know.  There is betrayal on a large scale, devious tricks, hell even seduction and sex involved.  Huh?  No that old cliche of a bunch of Cheetos stained neckbeards is so gone.  We have military personel, lawyers, teachers, truck drivers, you name a profession and it is probably out there. Young, old, doesn’t matter.  These people fly from all corners of the planet just to meet in Iceland, of all places.  Yeah, that part we may want to change.  Who would believe the part about Iceland.  Maybe we will make it someplace cool, like Vegas.

Back to the story.  So there is money on the line, real money, and the players are revving up for the finals.  Meanwhile you have these awesome combat sequences shot from inside showing the battle in first person.  I mentioned the CGI guys are already drooling about this one, right?  We will wrap it with the social commentary of how close we are getting to virtual selves and how some people are having more and more trouble distinguishing between themselves and their virtual selves.

What?  But I haven’t had a chance to tell you . . . yeah, here’s my card, then.  Thanks for your time, Mr Cameron.

(door closes, tap to the bluetooth earbud)

Siri?  Connect me with Del Toro, now.

OK how long do I got?  That’s it?  Dammit, OK I will talk fast.



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