I’m the What, now?

Mike slid the comm across to Laz and shrugged.  “You wanted to see this.”

Laz sighed.  “I cannot talk if the people are not connected to listen.”

“Problem is, boss.  Not everybody uses the same channels or even checks in on voice comms.  If you want news to get out you have to make an effort to cover the spectrum.  But then we get into the issues of operational security and that opens a whole different can of worms.”  Mike shrugged.  ‘Not sure if there even IS a good solution to this sort of thing short of forcing folks to have about 4 different things they have to check on a regular basis.”

Laz grinned.  “Oh I don’t know about that.  I think I know how to solve this problem so it isn’t a worry for me anymore.”

Mike blinked.  “Wow, what is the trick?”

“I put you in charge of it.  That way it is not MY problem anymore.  You have the way with words . . . congratulations, you are the corps Information Officer.”  Laz leaned back smiling widely.

“I walked right into that one, didn’t I?”


Sighing Mike made some notes.  “OK, I will cover text but I have tried and cannot get onto the new alliance ‘forums’.  Part of communication is listening.  Can you kick that upstairs to see what the holdup is?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Mike nodded, already forming the message for the corp in his head.  “Lessee. reiterate that we done moved, remind them of where we is, now.  talk about moving services, den talk bout cleaning up security and sweepin out the old api’s, remind dem that voice comms is active and that be about I i tink.” He look at Laz who was listening with wry amusement.
“Want me to send the stuff through you for your ok?”

“No, you have the job and the trust that goes with it.  Sounds like I solved this problem pretty easily.”

“Yeah, yeah.  Yer a genius.”



1) delegation is an easy way to solve issues when you are busy with a billion other things

2)  api’s.  remember giving them to various folks to get access to things?  Ever go back and cancel the old ones so that they still don’t have tabs on you?  I thank Podsides  episode 50 interview with T3mp3s7 for this reminder.

3) Eve skunk is for sale . . . .no connection to number (2) I am sure.

4) I lost a lovely instacane to a t3 gate camp last night.  Si I think I should also give one away.  The cane, not fully fitted as you can do that for yourself.  Comments of the next week or so are all entries for a cane.
fly it like you won it



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9 Responses to I’m the What, now?

  1. kkodachi says:

    I like Hurricanes 🙂

  2. Lumen says:

    Hahah, I know the feeling. I was made alliance comms officer several months back and since then it has been constant nagging at people to sign up for our forums/download TS3. At least I have a mail template that I can copy and edit, now… ಠ_ಠ

    Just stumbled across your blog today, and it’s definitely going on my list of followed blogs. Great, readable writing. Keep it up!

  3. Smackcrack4 says:

    I like hurricanes too (though they’re about to get nerfed :sadface:), my corp even has a name for the corp insta-cane fit: Lucky Luke! 😀

  4. Rixx Javix says:

    Buffed or not, the Cane will always be a great ship. And yeah, cancel those old API keys, they are nothing but trouble.

  5. Keilidh says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Canes, but I know someone who is!

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