“Ting is, Eme.”  she said laying out the food on the grave, “Dey always sayin dat the sky be falling.  When I was a pretty young ting dey tole me dat dancin be dyin out.  Other tings replacing it.  Computers could do it better. Camera tricks and light and the like.  Nobody gonna be watching a solo live dancer, come the day.”

Mike smiled and took a plate and filled it with his flavourites.  “Wrong was they?”

“And den some.  Den dey tells us that if you ain’t dancin with one of the big ‘companies’ den you might as well juss give up.  If you is somebody den you has ta be wit a company.  Each conpany?  Dey say they is the only way ta go and de others is juss fake footsteppin.”

“Funny, I have heard things like dat in my neck o da woods as well.  Always seems to big groups tryin ta squeeze out the little.”  Mike rubbed his nad across the back of his neck where the plugs were then leaned back against the headstone.

“Xactlement.  You know what it does, den?  Stifles the craft.  You do it dere way or you out in da cold, nobody watchin you dance.  See?  Organizations, dey gots ta have standard and rules and all the tings that art ain’t about.  Oh if they be no rules there will be a lot of garbage tossed about.  Dancers who gots no right to put on the shoes.  But the real artists, they be hiding out there.  the ones who is gonna make changes.”

“So the bigguns, they be bad for the craft?”

“Pssssh, nah.  They juss be an aspect of it.  You don’t blame some folks for trying to be part of the biggest and the best.  You just don’t make it the only studio in town.  You have dancers in the clubs, in the bars, anyplace folks git together.  They be the ones drivin the change.  The conglomerates be the ones keeping the profiles up and making it all ‘relevant’ and pasteurizin it for the common folk.”

“Where dit you fit in ta ll o dat, Tanta?”

“I danced because I loved and still love ta dance.  Nuttin more, nuttin less. Wasn’t of a mind ta join the bigguns or learn how to do ‘takes’ to da camera.  I taught some folks who went on and joined the bigs.  Dat be okay.  I don’t hold nuttin against dem and dey barely notices me.”

“I spose dat be the best way ta go, ain’t it.  Ya dance ’cause you enjoys ta dance.  Not to somebody elses rules or to their tunes but to the music you choose.”

“And dey said ya couldn’t be taught.  Put some more food on that plate, boy, you is gittin too thin ta see.”  She smiled with pride.



Dancin/bloggin.  If you haven’t been following the sky is falling cries and the death of Eve Blogging then start here  Freebooted and radiate out from those links.

I dance/write because I enjoy it.  Writing this made me smile and close my eyes to see Tanta and Mike having another picnic on a grave.  I will probably never be on Mittens website nor Riverinis.  I don’t write news I do commentary and fiction.  This is the type of blogging that has no place with the bigguns.

Doesn’t mean I plan on stopping.  I dance because I like to.  IRL I am being tested in dance this weekend. . . wish me luck.


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6 Responses to Dancin

  1. Bob Fenner says:

    Flavourites – that should be in a dictionary mate. 🙂

  2. Lolmer says:

    Good luck on your routines this weekend.

  3. Ennor Odunen says:

    Don’t give up the fiction.

  4. You make a great and important point – that we are all dancing in New Eden, and that if it ain’t fun, there’s no point continuing it. Eve benefits from all types of player involvement. The counter argument is like saying Plasti-mart has destroyed small business. Look at Etsy. Look at Kickstarter, and at the maker communities. Look at local news like Patch. The landscape is in flux, but the principles haven’t changed.

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