Gonna have

He was tired of watching the channel for ads about people wanting to buy LP’s.  Twive he had contacted prospective buyers and twive the deal had died, no return contact or no followup by the buyer.  “Basic math be at work, here.  Iffen dey is buying LP den dey is able ta make a profit.  If dey can do it, den so kin I.  Why o why is I trying ta give isk ta the middleman?”

Of course, nothing is just simple as that.  The key was to find what was selling and where he could get the profit margin that made sense.  He set his goal on the standard ‘buy rate’ being advertised of 1900-2000 isk per LP.  “Iffen I kin get that or betta den I don’t need no middle man.”

Research was the key.  That and risk management.  Jita would be the trade hub he would try first, mainly because of the volume of transaction.  He called up the comm channel dealing in current market prices.  Then he found a Concord station only three jumps from Jita.  It was a fair distance from the incursion he was currently in but he had a couple of fast ships for this sort of errand.  Off he went.

Arrival in the station was routine, though all the uniforms in the halls were a bit disconcerting, what with him in casual dress and all.  He checked in at the Loyalty Payouts and started to scroll through his options.  “Bah, too many choices.  Gotta be some way ta narrow down da choices, some.”

Filters.  He had heard through the grapevine that some things sold better than others so he set his filters to eliminate anything UNDER 200 million and started browsing.  List was still long so he targeted specifics, Blueprints, Implants, both small and easier to transport.  Now it was much simpler.  Identify choices then compare to the market channel, open on the side.  “Dere, dat be worth trying.”  He made a purchase of a single item and loaded into ‘Rabbit Froo Froo’.  “Jita, her I comes.”

It is not dangerous in the classic sense of the word, not ‘pvp’ but when you have a hold that the docking comps value at half a billion isk . . . his pulse quickened in a familiar fashion.  He was doing something stupid and hoping he would get away with it.  The first two jumps were routine but he looked suspiciously at each ship he passed, wondering if he was being passively scanned.  Then the Jita Gate, quick jump and a tap of a control to take him . . . 15km off of th destination station.  Dozens of ships around him and he had to slowboat . . . “Merde!”

Afterburner slammed on the last 10 seconds were nail-biting.  Then he docked, swiftly moving cargo to hanger floor he sold the item and was suddenly 290 million ahead of where he was, an hour ago.  “Well, dat was anti-climatic.”  He chuckled as a little voice in the back of his mind said ‘do it again, only bigger’.”

“I is a fool.”  Back to the Concord station and this time he loaded three more items into the hold.  Docking estimates put him at 1.5 billion.  More than he currently had, total.  ‘I lose dis, I gonna have a bad time.”

“I know, ski guy, I know.”  Mike chuckled as he undocked.  ‘No guts, no glory, no pain, no gain, no tickee, no washee.”  Again, it was just three jumps, what could go wrong aside from gank squads?



If you are moving small and valuable do you go fast and hope for the best?  Yeah, that has turned out well for the media, they love stories of plexes in newb ships.

Do you go heavy and tanked and hope for the best?  Plenty of time for scanners to peek inside.

Do you ‘double wrap’ to avoid the scans but scream that you may be worth trying?  Why else would you double wrap?

Have you done one of the above and had a bad time?

fly it like you want a good time


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7 Responses to Gonna have

  1. Naoru Kozan says:

    Pile that crap into an Orca hanger bay, set destination, activate autopilot and go afk.

    (Won’t work after Retribtion though)

  2. mikeazariah says:

    I tend to take new releases as active before they are, to break bad habits early.


  3. PirateJohn says:

    A well fit orca will take about twice as much as a freigther to bring down
    So should be able to move two bill without huge issues
    Not so sure about the afk thing tho 😉

    • mikeazariah says:

      That would have been my ‘go to fat ship’. I agree with the afk being chancy. But even orcas can be popped.


  4. Laurici says:

    Tengu, interdiction nullified (if going through null), covert reconfiguration, loads of tank, istabs in the lows. No point in warp stabs, as they’re looking to alpha you. Be quick on the cloak. Simples 😉

    • mikeazariah says:

      Ya know, I kinda skimmed over thinking about the cruiser and bc weight classes as being to central to max out one of the two needs. A T3 does make sense for the small stuff. Tanky, spanky and quick.


  5. Lord Ferritos says:

    nothing is going to fuck with a 180k ehp myrmidon…….;)

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