Silence ends

He staggered back to his ship to sleep it off, cursing narrow doorways that seems to target his elbows and shoulders.  Bouncing off one side and then over to the other he probably traveled twice as far as the true distance but he did arrive.

It was good to be making isk, again.  He had a target amount to earn before returning to Null and he was moving steadily towards that target.  In the meantime he was able to catch up with old friends.  The incursion fleets were still running and one or two people still remembered him well enough that he was invited into the occasional fleet.  Then there had been the party after the current incursion had closed down, which lead to his state of inebriation and navigational difficulties.

The party had its usual share of pilots from other alliances, some of whom tried to start arguments when then heard Mike flew for the South.  ‘You pubbies don’t seem to get that we wont just magically stop following you.  Put up a fight or fuck off into empire where ganking morons belong.’  Mike just laughed, too comfortable in the afterglow of rewards from Concord to bother rising to the bait of a drunken taunt.

The attack continued. ‘I spent ages chasing -a-, camping them into station’.

This had more of a whine than a taunt to it so Mike asked, calmly.  “Did you have fun?”


“I am having fun, did you have fun flying where you were told to, sitting out in the cold watching and complaining that nobody was willing to die under your guns.  Every time that I have wanted there was a fleet I could join, things I could do.  Fun to be had.  I am up here to make some isk so I can go back and have more fun.  How about you?  I repeat, Did. Y’all. Have. Fun?”

‘Shooting structures, with them NEVER fighting….they need to get out of 0.0 and go camp gates in losec. Their constant “we are a pvp alliance” shtick is incredibly annoying and honestly painful at this point.’  The whine was becoming more pronounced that even one of his drinking buddies chimed in . . . against him.

‘Wait…painful or fun?’

They started arguing amongst themselves and Mike wandered off to find more hospitable table-mates.  Though he had done the verbal equivalent of blue-balling the argument to a certain extent every time he heard the taunts they did sting, a little.  He had sent word up the ladder asking for speaking points but so far the Alliance and coalition leaders had been silent.  He paused by the door into his quarters and asked the empty room.  “Is a little communication from your nominal bosses too much to ask for?”

He did not wait for an answer as the alcohol gently lowered him to the couch and into a long sleep. +thud+

Waking was . . . an effort.  His head pounded and he wondered who had been storing old cleaning rags in his mouth.  Eyes felt like sandpaper had been used instead of eyelids and the hum of the ventilation system had a screech to it that went right through his frontal lobes.  “Anudder beautiful day, eh?”

A half hour in the shower and a quick easily digestible breakfast (eggs, toast) and he almost felt human.  ‘Maybe someone send me sometin.”  He finally opened the comms and blinked at it, not expecting much more than the usual junk mail.  “Mudder o . . . ”

Comms included a message from alliance, another from the coalition, new fleet doctrines and ships and plans for upcoming ops.   “Maybe I should get drunk and feel sorry for myself more offen, eh?”  he pored over the messages before opening up the meeting file.  Truth . . . plans . . . hope.  He heard admissions of problems and solutions being offered.  The hangover evaporated as he replayed parts and started to take notes.

He was going to need more ships.



Just as I was beginning to wonder if there was ‘anybody out there’ the news started to flood in.  I am in heaven.  I can believe again.  As soon as I get some isk so I can fly without fear of ‘wallet’ I will be there and throwing down with the rest of them.

Do I argue with TEST/PL/GOONS about how we are bad or how they are great?  No, I blueball them and laugh.  If I am having fun . . . I am winning.  If they are getting frustrated that I am not being hurt by their taunts?  I win even more.

fly it like you won it and don’t mind losing it


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4 Responses to Silence ends

  1. Norbert says:

    Very good story. Again. Nicely summed up too, probably all of us felt the same way recently. I know I was smiling 360° when I read the news and deployment orders in alliance…
    The LGK campers really are a funny bunch..did they not notice that hardly anybody of us is still there? They are staring at an empty station for a week now. Funny for us, surely not so much for them? Well, for each his own.

    • mikeazariah says:

      The conversation, in the story? Actual quotes from in game. I left names out but that one happened a couple of days ago.


  2. Good story, and it’s nice to hear something from the South’s perspective.

    One tiny little nit: Mike was poring over messages, perhaps intently enough to pour coffee over his comms. 😉

    Signed, a proud member of Drunken Gallente Libertines for Preserving the Obscure Corners of Language.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Given his advanced state of drinking the night before poured might have been close but I remain guilty as charged . . . edited, spell checkers do not catch homonyms.


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