Shoulda turned left at Albuquerque

He took one last look at the new ship before heading up to medical.  The lines looked so damn slow that he still was in a state of disbelief about the speed he had hit on the test flight.  “I don’t care what dey say.  Anyting built like an Itty ought to have the decency ta fly like an Itty.”

The check in to the cloning bays was routine, a short hop back to home base, nothing to worry about, right?  What could go wrong?  “Damn.”  He thought as the sleep took him. “I oughta know betta than to even think that sort of question.”

He awoke in another bed, in another body.  He looked up at the ceiling and winced at the light that slowly resolved into the standard greeting . . . ‘Welcome to 4-07MU Dabigredliner- Initiative Holding’.

“Oh joy.”  Habit had sent him to the former staging base for -A-, now being held by ‘unfriendlies’.

“Sir?”  The tech looked nervous.  “Maybe you might want to use one of our private lounges?  To get your bearings.”

“Maybe you be right about that.  Still gotta wait a day before ‘stepping out’ again, right?”

“That is correct, Sir.  Now if you could walk . . . quickly, this way?”

Bemused, Mike followed down a very short side corridor to a small holding office with a fold out bed.  Amazingly, since it was made for mortals rather than for capsuleers, it was actually comfortable, the door could open, though Mike did not see that to be a good thing.

He opened up a comm channel, switching to the market.  “Let’s see what I kin play at while I is sittin about, waiting for the time to go.”

A ping showed that some of his Alliance Mates chose faster ways to leave.  Elise and Major DeSilva sending Carl off in a flash and a bang.  Mike chose not to rush things and whistled through his teeth as he watched and bought and sold.  Reminded, as he browsed the ships for sale, he consulted with GBA and they chose a random person to receive a Keres.  “Aw hells, they be small and fragile.  We send her two, eh?”

Time is a relative thing, you are only bored if you allow yourself to get in that mindframe.  Mike was almost disappointed when the clerk woke him, telling him he could leave now.



Pay bloody attention to where you are clone jumping.

Druur won the Keres, so I made it two but dammit Druur . . . .you list the blogs you read and left MINE off the list?  That hurts.

Oh, I wish I were rich enough to play market warfare, but that is a rich mans past time.

fly it like you won it, especially you, Druur


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6 Responses to Shoulda turned left at Albuquerque

  1. Jerod Trd says:

    Hmm… Clone jumping into a hostile system… Never done that, could if I wanted at the moment… Can’t see it being much fun though.

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Tell the truth, it isn’t. But I make fuin where I can find it.


  3. Druur Monakh says:

    Duly corrected (after I searched a bit for the manual URL-adding option; I haven’t spent much time in the blogspot management pages).

  4. Deth Delkanara says:

    Unless you have a metric crap load of implants in that clone, you can move out a heck of a lot faster. Move your medical clone home. Pop out in a pod and insta-warp somewhere. You do have an insta-warp off your old staging station don’t you? Then self destruct. White light express to any medical facility in New Eden. It isn’t cheap, it isn’t fun, it is much faster than the cooldown. Also moved your jump clone out so you don’t have to worry about moving it later.

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