Trust issues

Everyone that have assets in you need to move your stuff to or home as soon as the station is clr in  . . .


Mike checked the list of ships he was expected to move and sighed.  This might take a while, especially with bubbles and a small fleet in the path between where his assets were and where Princess recommended they be.  He opened up the comms and called for the specifics on the trapping fleet.  Reports of a banana fleet building to sweep them out meant he might have a window of opportunity in the next little while.  He opened sat back in his small rom in the station and skipped comm channels looking for folks chatting.

A few Corp mates came on and he spoke with them, explaining what he was waiting for.
“Why don’t you just cyno them out”  Hank asked.

“Aside from the fact that I don’t own nor can I fly a carrier or anything else that large?”  Mike drawled.

“Well then hand them to me and I will deliver them.  We are doing some transfer of stuff anyways.  Your won’t take that long.  What do you have that needs moving?”

Every paranoid alarm bell in Mikes head went off.  ‘Just give someone all your stuff and they will move it for you’ is one of those almost to good to be true scenarios.  And in New Eden, anything too good to be true probably is a trap.  BUT.  Corp mates are supposed to help each other and it was not what would be considered a massive haul or reason enough to burn bridges.  Less than a billion in ships, but they were what Mike had.  Small change to some but a fortune for the Gallente.

What to do?  Trust, in a Universe where trust was the rarest of commodities?  Shuttle back and forth hoping not to run into the hunting fleets?

“Sounds good, how do we do this?”  The debate he had with himself felt hours long but externally could be explained by lag.

They set it up and Mike transferred assets to the carrier pilot and held his breath as he flew ahead to the receiving station.  Minutes dragged by.  Then the carrier arrived and all his ships and gear were quickly transferred back again, safe and sound.  Trust, maybe it was underrated . . . or maybe he was just not worth robbing.



yeah, each and every time I have to trust someone I wonder if this is going to be the incident that breaks me.

Falling back, advancing to the rear, call it what you like, when a station become vulnerable you either leave the assets there or gtfo

Been an insane weekend, still recovering.
fly it like you won it








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9 Responses to Trust issues

  1. Norbert says:

    No worries, you can trust all the people in our corp.
    When I moved to Nullsec, I was concerned too. But not any more, you can give them many billions in assets and will always get everything back.
    Hank and Princess moved my stuff too, yesterday. Great guys, all of them.

  2. satyrwood says:

    You need a certain amount of trust in your corpmates to live in Null. This sort of mass move happens. Sometimes just combat deployment requires a ship or two to be Carrier’d out. It can be a tad nerve-wracking, but if you can’t trust the guys you’re out there with you’re already in too deep.

  3. bobfennerBob says:

    You could always use one of the freighter companies. I think its Black Frog Freight that deal with Nullsec moves?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Can they actually move things out of a hostile starbase? ie if you did not get the note to move in time?


      • Norbert says:

        No Black/Red Frog can not dock in the stations where we moved from.
        But you can use the -A- freighter service. It is quite cheap. But you can only move modules and ammo and packaged ships (no rigs installed) with that.

  4. katsuko says:

    Black Frog provides service to lowsec and NPC nullsec; they do not serve sovereign nullsec. I doubt that any public courier will serve sovereign nullsec space. The risk is too high compared to any potential profits.

    Corporations, and to a lesser extent alliances, are filtering mechanisms for quickly determining relative trustworthiness, assuming they use decent filtering mechanisms and do not simply accept anyone who applies. They’re sort of like real-life social clubs. That means you can usually trust the older and more-established members of a corporation, within reason, unless it’s a griefer corporation or somesuch and doesn’t prohibit internal exploitation. That (needless to say) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch out for obvious scams. But if you can’t trust your corpmates to help with a simple deployment-related move, you should strongly reconsider membership in that corp.

    Also, you may find this article interesting:

  5. Jerod Trd says:

    Oh, alliance trust issues…
    you do not know the meaning of the word until after you decide to start growing your 20-active alliance into a null-sec capable alliance, right after a war-dec, with a whole pile of one month old characters…
    you suffer from some extreme trust issues when you start doing that…

    compared to contracting a couple hundred million isk worth of ships, modules and equipment through alliance leadership to get into the fight, it’s paranoia inducing…

    I miss being the little fish in the big null-sec alliance pond. 😦

    P.S. apologies if coherency is lacking, I haven’t had enough sleep or coffee yet.

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