Mike closed the comm and looked at the far wall with a distant stare.  Keiliddgh was not one to make calls out of the blue and when she asked if he could do her a favor that might tick off the Amarr but she needed him in a cloaky hauler.  He tapped up ship specs and started pouring over them making notes as he went along.

The Viator is an excellent secure fast transport for medium sized cargoes. It can natively accommodate a single Giant Secure container plus some extra; with cargo expanders it can bump up a couple of thousand extra m3.

Its bonuses provide good defense and durability, while the default warp stabilizer bonus gives you a much higher chance of breaking through warp scrambling interceptors. It is in fact also a fairly fast ship; although its acceleration isn’t incredible when you do reach warp, its actual warp speed of 9AU/s beats almost all vessels bar only the faster interceptors. This can dramatically reduce journey times overall. It also means it is a much harder to catch up with when you are running a pipe through 0.0 security space.

This also makes the Viator a surprisingly good vessel for courier jobs, beaten only by the faster breed of interceptor than can top 14AU/s in warp. With the added defences and durability you won’t be so afraid to delve into low security space for good jobs.

Combined with a basic cloak, damage repair, armour repair and some additional shielding or EW mods this can provide a slippery customer for gate camps.

He looked from its requirements for a pilot to his own curriculum vitae and called up the local market to find the skills he needed to add on.  “Well, transport . . . of course.  Hmm, tidy up that and add to this.  Yeah, about 2 weeks.  Now what will one of those set me back?”

Market prices were checked and double checked and he even put some calls in to other regions.  It was not the cheapest ship out there and he was still watching his isk.  Then on to possible fittings.  He rubbed his hands together as he started the theory crafting of a ship class he had never flown before.

Then he got out the maps.



Ever look into a part of Eve that you had not even thought about before?  Are you open to trying out new experiences or do you sit in your rut happily grinding away ships and isk?

Podside  Currently this and Crossing Zebras are my go to listen podcasts.  Oh I listen to the rest but these are the ‘listen first’ ones.  Podside does a great job of getting me informed, asking questions, and occasionally sneering or yelling at the radio in frustration.  If you can listen to two and not want to become part of the conversation or at least toss your two cents in then you are less involved than me.  But connecting the two parts of this, these podcasts make me think of the game from other points of view.  Not make me change to those points but think in others terms.

There is not a right way to play Eve.  But do you wonder why all the others have not realized yours is the best?  Listen to them talk with pride about their accomplishments, their portions of the community and then step back and say . . . ‘How many others are there just like this, playing here as well?’

I have met proud wormholers, and flown with them (and very thankful that they let me experience that part of the game) I’m currently spending time in NUll on the border fighting TEST.  I have mined and built, helped new players and asked questions of the bitter vets.  I have And I have yet to find the edges of the game.  The limits to what I can and cannot do are somewhere . . . but they nowhere near me.

fly it like you won it  (I draw for the Keres in the next day or two)




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8 Responses to Viator?

  1. Druur Monakh says:

    I think you have a bit of Occator in your Viator there 🙂

  2. mikeazariah says:

    Very possible, I know squat about these ships. Never having flown one. The two weeks is mainly getting industrials to V


  3. I must admit to prefering the Cloaky versions of the Transport ship myself. When living in W-space Bill’s Crane must have taken out about 50 billion isk worth of loot and never got caught once! Well worth training in my honest opinion.

  4. Tetractys says:

    Its bonuses provide good defense and durability, while the default warp stabilizer bonus gives you a much higher chance……

    Default warp stab? on the Occator… yes. Not the Viator…

  5. mikeazariah says:

    in my defense, that whole quote was ripped wholesale from Eve Wiki but it rang a little mixed to my ears as well so I thought I would put it out there.


  6. satyrwood says:

    I notice the tradition of spelling my name remains unchanged. :3

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