You didn’t ask

“That time of the month already?”  Mike commed, bashfully.

“Yes, and we are a bit curious as to why you are up in highsec, currently.”

“I thought you got the note, I was given the death express, courtesy of a gate camp in 49.  While I was up here I thought I would do a few runs in the incursions to make some isk to replace what is missing.”

“I see you soloed a rifter, I assume that was the same day?”

“One of the members of the camp.  I also did a roam earlier in the month with Mukk so I have not been totally asleep.  But I need the isk to outfit a few more ships . . . ”

“If you are ever short, you know you just have to ask.”  Princess answered.

“I know, but I don’t like to be a burden on you when I don’t feel like I am contributing enough.”

“Laz was asking why you didn’t tell join the fleet that do ratting?”  Princess smiled to take any implied sting out of the criticism.

Mike laughed.  ‘There is a local ratting fleet?  I mean I saw the guys around but I honestly didn’t even know what they were up to.  Boy do I feel silly running belts and the anomalies solo.”

They discussed the logistics of whom to contact and when and wheres before Mike signed off of the conversation and docked the orca in the new incursion space.  Pulling a scimi out of the ship bay of the orca he sent out a general call for fleets in need of support.  Two offers were in before he could even send a second message offering his services with webbers and gun.

The fleet was a jovial one  . . . until the subject of lotteries came up.  Some had never heard of somer blink, others had tossed billions into it.  Mike kept an eye on shield levels and stayed quiet.  Soon half the fleet was blowing their bounties on lotteries and crowing when one thing or another was won.  For luck Mike bought a ticket for a Malediction and won, he then tried for a promo free draw and lost and then returned to watching the shield levels and stopped playing.

“Best way to win is win early den quit.”  As his Unc Reme had taught him and he still tried to live by the simple rules.

While the others frittered away their bounties on chances for Nightmares and such, Mike calmly watched his balance climb, unhindered by gambling.  When the fleet closed down he was a bit over 150 million richer and did not feel he had been a fool.  Nice to feel that way, once in a while.



Ever find out that your corp or alliance has service or events but you just didn’t know about them?  Sometimes it helps to ask.  We are a small enough corp that I actually did have an EoM chat (though I don’t think she knows I am doing this on purpose) with a director.

Ask what you can do for your corp AND what they can do for you.

Somer Blink  If they ask and you start up with them, let them know I sent you.

fly it like you won it



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