Death Express to Hisec

For security reasons they never even tried to meet face to face.  Lights in a dark room, each pillar representing one of the council.  A common comm channel scrolled past with the after action report.  When it completed there was a moment of silence then one voice petulantly spoke.  ‘Well that didn’t work.”

“Are you kidding?  First time agent manages to get an entire team onto an Amarr ship and take out a target along with the entire guard?  In what way was this NOT a total success?”
The pillar pulsed blue with light in response to the speakers volume and tone.

“Oh, sure.  We got the bad lady, hurray.”  The sarcasm tinged the light a sickly green.  “Deaths are all well and good but, if you recall, there was another purpose to this mission and it never even got off the ground.”

“Maybe if we didn’t try to be so secret that even our agents had no clue what the objectives were we might have more success.”

There was no response for a full minute, the lights slowly dimming.  “You saw the message she sent his friends?”  A new pillar asked.  “I think we came closer to our goal than you might think.  Direct action won’t do, and no fisherman expects a bite on the first splash of bait in the water.  Throw another line.”

“What the hell does that mean?”  The green light flared.

“He is back in hisec, having taken the Death Express, courtesy of a TEST gate-camp.  He’ll do one of two things, either head right back in or stay a while and touch bases he has not seen in some time.  The man is a social animal.  He will do the rounds.”

The green pillar shifted to a darker shade.  “Interesting.  So maybe a more direct contact?  After all, She is available . . .so to speak.”

“No, we want to keep that relationship as it is.  I was thinking of using another one he has formed.  We will hire some Dusties.  They will, of course, need transport and air support.”

“What does that have to do with . . . .ohhhh, you mean them.”  The green pillar shifted to a satisfied rose.  “Very well, throw another hook out, maybe this bait will work.”  The light snapped back to green.  “But understand this.  If it does not she will still be on the table as an option.”

“You are a pig.”

“I am effective.  Being a pig is just a perk.”



Never try to catch up with a fleet that deep into enemy territory though I got nailed at the first possible gate.

For all that you know of what you SHOULD do it is a lot easier said than done when the bubble goes up around you in response to the gate flash.  A day later and I began to take apart all the mistakes I made once I HIT the gate (ignoring the fact that I walked into the trap)  I tried to burn for going home AND opened fire meaning I had aggression and would not have made it out.  I hat 30 seconds of time to think, I only used 10 and di not zoom back to see the overall look of it and the best closest edge of the bubble.  I shot the first target I could lock, yes I erased a rifter but the fleet I never made it too would have appreciated the sabre being gone.  Hindsight is so perfect, isn’t it.

As for this post, advancing a story.  If you have not been following my plot arcs this one will make little or no sense . . . tough.

fly it like you won it


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