Not ‘on the side of Angels’

Mike was grumbling as he pushed the comm to one side and started making notes on a napkin.  “If I takes the first jump bridge ta here, den dat one ta there . . . hells.”

James Kreator had been passing by, a fellow corp mate and regular around BUZ.  He leaned over and looked at the sketch.  “Trying to roam about for a while?”

“Looking for the shortest, fastest way ta high-sec.”  Mike shook his head.  “But I still can’t get my head around the jump bridges and so I may just wind up going the long way.”

“Depending on what you’re in, you may make it.  But here, let me help you out with this.”  He took the napkin, frowned at it and then started a new sketch on another.  “Assuming you are starting here in BUZ then you go this way . . . ”  Arrows and dashed lines filled the spaces berween oddly named stars..  “Odds are your only worry is going to be when you hit HED, but if you check with the intel channels before you go you should be able to make it safely.”

Mike looked at the sketch and then carefully folded it and put it in an inside pocket for safe keeping.  “This might be the ticket out of here.”

“Why the rush?  You know that the alliance announcement was a joke, right?”

Mike laughed and pulled up the announcement.  “Trolled by my own alliance, and they say only TEST and GOONs do that sort of ting.”

Every corp/member should be in attendance.

This will be preceded by a CEO/Directors meeting at 1700.

Meeting Agenda: We will be discussing our retreat from Catch to High Sec while we get standings for HBC.
Meeting Location: . . .

“Ya know I had to read the whole ting tree times because my brain kept shutting down after the agenda line.”  Mike chuckled.  “Nah, I is heading up ta make sure of a few long term investments and to see what trouble the Angels are causin.”

“Angels? As in Angel Cartel?  Why are you worried about them?  Local rats are Sansha.”
James frowned.

“Ain’t keeping up on the news, eh?  They did a raid into Oddelulf.  Hit a station.  Killed anybody they ran into but they was looking for something.  They hit the planet as well though I only saw comms from the station teams.”

James looked at him curiously.  “OK, I’ll bite.  You are here in null and you get copies of comms from raids in hisec Minnie space . . .why?”

Mike shrugged.  “I have been an information officer before and I like to keep in touch with my contacts.  News has ways of getting to me, most times.  This, this is news.  They were after something.”

“Any guess what?”

“No, but I am fairly sure they did not drop in for salad makings.  They were after specific tech and they thought it would be there in the Genesis Vault.  Thing is, according to one of the Scientists involved . . . ”

“It’s devastating,” said Gunger Anra, foreman of the Matar Society for Natural Preservation. “This was one of our two biggest vault clusters, and there’s almost nothing left of it.

“Me, I would be upping the guards on the other Vault.  If they were looking for something specific and it isn’t at site ‘A'”

“They’ll hit site ‘B’.  Makes sense.”  James nodded.  “But I thought you were all Gallente this and Gallente that.  Why worry about a bunch of Minnie scientist-farmers on the other side of the map?”

“It is what I does.”

Mikes comm pinged.  James looked over, “More news?”

“Nah, a friend is looking to sell some bpos. he’s asking if I know anybody interested in researched ones, Archon, Nidhogger, Orca, that sort of thing.”

“Information officer, huh?”



Moving in null is nothing like any other part of space, bubbles to worry about, jump bridges and cynos.  maps with lines criss crossing and not a decent named system in the lot, all letters and numbers.  sheesh

A Live event and I am sitting waaaay over here? Fffffffffffor goodness sakes that is vexing.

Oh, and I do have a line on someone looking to move some bpos’ let me know by eve-mail and I will connect you up.

Last thing, weeks worth of comments will be farmed for someone to get a lovely little Keres.  This is the start of that week.
fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to Not ‘on the side of Angels’

  1. Norbert says:

    Ah lovely, I am named in a blog 🙂
    Or one of my toons is. A live event? Is it over already? If not, we could travel together?

  2. Keilidh says:

    I was curious about that one. Incursions 2.0? Angels? Might be fun…

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