Isk for LP

Mike slowly scrolled through the list of recent purchases and shook his head.  “Dis here balance be dropping faster than my hopes of bein elected.  Shootin the occasional Sansha juss ain’t balancin it out.”
He called up the ship hanger and looked at his collection of scrap and whistled.  “Course, iffen I could find someone who wanted a huge collection of Sansha leftovers I might be able to recoup a few purchases . . .or make new ones.  What else I gots as assets?”  He scrolled though the comm listings until an incoming message chimed.  “Hell, dis be gittin close ta spam.”  Another WTS LP announcement.

“Want ta sell dis, want ta sell dat . . . I only sold dem that one time.  heyyyyyyyy.”  A tap on the journal brought up the LP totals.  “I does has a few lyin about, don’t I?  But last time it was to a buddy.  How do I find some stranger ta buy dem.”  Ping, the comm chimed again . . . and slowly, so did Mikes brain.  He started making calls.

Not being the most trusting type he actually talked to a few people to make sure he was not being sold a load of bull on how to sell a load of favors.  The nice thing about asking questions, Mike found, is that there were almost always some folks willing to help out.  Endy pointed out that Mike was already connected to a Mailing list and that there was an FAQ attached to the chat channel that dealt with this sort of thing.  Maybe Mike would like to see the basic info.

“Damn, I be getting silly in me old age.”  Mike shook his head.  I plum forgot that channel even existed.  Gamma called up to personally walk him through the steps and Drizz sent him some concise instructions.  Each version added to the information pool to form a more cohesive whole.

“So you advertise how much ya got or you look for someone willin ta buy.  Use the forum or the comm channel.  Then you agree on a station ta meet at and you front the isk to buy somethin, usually implants or bpc’s.  I contracts dem across for the set prices, these days about 2000 isk per lp.  Ting is, since I fronted the isk for the cash value of the LP reward it actually comes out a lot closer to . . . ”  Mike frowned, “Um, bout 1000 isk per LP.  So I ain’t as rich as I thought but. . . ”  he tapped the calculator. “I will be able to restock a bit.  Exceptin for the fact that I ain’t even gots the isk to front for the purchase in the first place.  Dammit.”



If you cut through the accent then you have the basics.  The ingame channel for Concord LP sales is Cleverly labeled ‘Concord LP’  From there in the Message of the Day you will find connections to the mailing list and the forum thread .
Ax always you need isk to make isk . . . well, maybe I will get lucky tonight with a decent faction rat.

fly it like you can afford it


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