So there we are

“So there we are,”  Mike was in full story telling mode, “about 4 or 5 jumps into TEST territory and Mukk comes up with the brilliant idea of a bait ship.  He asks around and some guy volunteers to bring an Amarr battleship.”

“Which one?”

“The one that begins with an A”  Mike nodded, proud of his memory and took another sip of his drink.  “Thing is, the bait pilot is sounding a little tipsy.”

The listeners leaned forward as they were in a similar state.

“Okay, he was drunk.  Simple as that but he was willing so we went off to . . . um kay-tac-six . . .something like that.  I still don’t get all this tic tac naming stuff.  So we hung about, one jump out and in goes the bait.  He starts naming all the ships orbiting him and Mukk asks if he is ‘being aggressed’.  The guy cannot tell but he says he is yellow boxed and Mukk asks him to start shooting . . . the guy cannot get a lock and we are fairly sure he was trying to lock on the bright thing as in the star of that system.  Anyhow finally he says his shields are changing so something MUST be shooting him and in we go.  Pop a few ships and the rest dock up and we all fall back and jump out except for the drunk.”

“He get lost?”

“Nah, FC asked him to stay behind to see if they would fall for the same trick twice.”  Mike started to laugh.  “Always bet on stupid.  We did three more laps, getting ships each time.  By this time the bait ship is getting slower to answer comms and we call it a night before he passes out completely.  Mukk sets the destination for home.  We all align except for the bait . . . and he is not answering comms, now.”

“So he did pass out?”

“Apparently, so we stand guard over him till the automated systems warp him to safety, THEN we head for home wondering how he is going to wake up, in five or six hours.”  Mike raised his glass and signaled for the bartender to serve another round.  “Even drunk . . .even unconscious . . . we fly and win.  To the fleets!”



Always bet on stupid is become a bit of a mantra when flying trap fleets.

I have been having fun talking on Podside podcasts . . . If you are a glutton for punishment I am on episodes 30 and 32, and another that is not yet out as of this time.  It is not your average podcast trying to be a news or opinionated magazine show, instead it feels like a bunch of friends sitting about chatting about a game they like.

I am still trying to frame another post about rl death and Eve . . . working on it is taking thought and careful consideration.

fly it like you won it



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2 Responses to So there we are

  1. Norbert says:

    Hey Mike,
    sounds like you had great fun yesterday.
    Me too, but I also had one of the worst days concerning ship losses.
    First I jumped into a 300 man blob (camp on both sides of a gate) with a shield brutix.
    – Brutix
    Then I tried to bomb them and got owned by Instacanes (due to my own dumbness)
    – Hound
    Afterwards I joined a fleet to fight a Gorgon Empire gang. They were Naga+Logis and we were Nagas/Nados and Logis. We formed equal numbers for a fair fight. Their superior tactics and fitting got us owned.
    – Tornado
    We reshipped (me into a Scimi) and got owned again:
    – Scimi
    But at least we also got a portion of their fleet down. But they won fair and square. Nice guys those Gorgons though, much better than the rude TEST kiddies.
    The best part of yesterday was in the morning, when we successfully bombed a TEST fleet which reinforced a POS. Killed quite a few, without losses on my part.

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