He sat in a bar in a station in a border system and listened to a bunch of drunks from TEST being harangued by a group of equally obnoxious SOCO pilots.  “Ah hates local spam”

“It’s not so bad,”  She was all legs and a dress that was tight in all the right places.  ‘They are just blowing off some steam.”

Mike grinned.  “We ain’t never met.  I is sure I would remember but I know your voice. . . ”

‘I doubt it was on comms seeing as I arrived with”  she nodded towards the Test pilots, “Them and I do know who you are.”

“Moi?”  Mike sat back in his chair.  “I is juss a simple pilot, tain’t nuthin to know bout me.”

She snorted and snagged a chair, dragging it over to his table.  “Sindel”  She held out her hand.

“Enchante.”  Mike grinned, took the hand and bowed towards it but did not try to kiss it.  “Join me, let us prove that there is more to communication than penis jokes.”

“I have heard you are getting a slightly higher profile, chatting with the ‘enemy’.”

“Oh, you mean the podcast?  They are just a bunch of guys who like talking about New Eden.  We may be on opposite sides of the battle lines but we do share a love of space.  Aside from a few friendly digs I don’t think there is a single bit of animosity ta be found there.”  Mike grinned.  “Though I am quite sure they would delight in shooting me if I ever wandered into their sights.”

“I don’t now about that.  I wouldn’t shoot you first.”  She smiled at him.  “I tend to give folks who have a measure of community involvement a bit of leeway.”

“Community means that much to you?”  Mike leaned forward, to better hear her answer.

She looked at him for a moment, evaluating.  “Unlike you ‘boys of space’ I like some of the people out there as well.  Oh I will violence your boat as well as the next girl but I think we need to help the newer pilots along the way.”

Mike nodded but chose not to interrupt.

“So I and a friend have set up an organization to get pilots into ships faster.  Help them out with that first hurdle.”

Mike shook his head.  “You are going to be accused of scamming.”

“I already have been . . . how did you know?”

Mike ignored the question and continued.  “Not to mention accused of favoritism or only giving ships to alts in your own alliance.  On the plus side you are going to find a few generous souls who will help out and ask for nothing in return.  So generous it will shock the socks off of you.”

“How did you . . . oh, you have done something like this yourself?”

Mike nodded.  “Let the accusations roll off of you.  There are always haters and people who assume everyone is as bad as they are.  Thank the generous ones, they are as rare as hens teeth and damn hard to find.  I’ll chat with a few people and see if I can drum up some donations for you.  I assume you are not looking for battleships and T3’s?”

She laughed.  “No, this is for new pilots.  I am asking friends if they have any old rifters or other frigates and destroyers collecting dust up in hisec.  T1 fits because if the pilot can fly a T2 he or she should be able to make their own isk.”

Mike made a note on his comm.  “Who do they send things to?”

“My friend has taken the name of the whole movement as her own.  The Angel Project. She will take donations.  Anything sent to me will mean that I will just have to forward it to her.”

Mike added the name to the comm, nodding.  “So, why are you doing this?”

“It needs doing.”  Her answer was matter of fact and she looked him right in the eye as she said it.

“I agree . . . but why are YOU doing it?”

“I . . . that is a hard one.  Anybody ever ask you that?”

“Yup.  I told them I did it because I can and because I want to.  When I started out a few folks gave me a hand up.  I decided I should pass that sort of thing along.  So I have my channel and my ways of helping and you have yours.”  Mike leaned back.  “Even those guys on ‘the other side’ are helping a lot.  Face it, on the surface it is just a few blokes getting together to chew the fat about flying but the do it publicly, record and transmit it.  That takes an effort and a cost but they do it so others will know what is going on.  It isn’t diplomats posturing, it is just pilots and sometimes I think that does more for the community than it does to raise any one persons ‘image’.”

“You mean like the Mittani?”  Her eyes narrowed a little.

“I still say it is a blatant act of self aggrandizing. But he does have some good writers on staff.”  Mike smiled.  “Yes, I include Bags in that category.”

She relaxed a little.  “Didn’t know how much attention you pay to  . . . things.”

Mike laughed.  “For the most part I know next to nothing about anything important.  What I am decent at is asking questions.  I like to talk and I like to listen so I pick up little bits, here and there.  All part of being in a community, no?”



Seriously.  If you have some dusty old t1 ships you never fly, toss them to the angel project.  (or gallente benevolence association)  We send them right back out to newer pilots.

Eve is odd in that its community does not stop at the borders of logging off.

I have recently been on the Podside podcast, episodes 30 and 32.

Parts of it I follow in no particular order (and I probably left something out)

#Tweetfleet on twitter

Podcasts including crossing zebras, podside, lost in eve, Tactical entertainment news  Fly reckless, broadcasts from the ninveah

written, Eve Blog pack and assorted others, Eve news 24 and the

Damn, no wonder I have trouble finding time to play

fly it like you won it and if you aren’t flying it anymore, give it to charity.


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6 Responses to Community

  1. jahzeus says:

    I’de like to offer a shipment of 50 t1 frigs of choice including the t1 fittings towards this initiative.
    Just name a station for delivery in eve mail and a contact for the exchange.

  2. Mike, sorry things got a little heated last night. Pukin wants the show to be that way so everyone can come on from all walks of New Eden and not feel as if they are going to feel they are going to be attacked. That’s why he setup the Friday Night Fights so there was still a chance for people to have fun and create drama and swear at each other.

    I truly value you on the show, I think you bring a new perspective which we’ve been asking for for a long time. Hopefully your Alliance mates and the rest of your coalition will start to listen and understand the meaning of the show and what it stands for.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I had a blast and never took offense to anything that was said. A good solid rant is always both fun to listen to and take part in.

      I hope the ‘innocent in null’ questions that I ask help some other players. It is amazing how many little things you don’t ever learn in hisec. Hell I could list three oh shits I have had in null that never happened in ‘safe space’

      I love having a chance to get onto the ‘casts when I can.


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