EoM Report

“So we are here to review your performance over the last month.”  The two sat opposite Mike and smiled kindly.  “Don’t worry, this isn’t us standing in judgement or anything.  Just checking t see how you are doing.”

Mike nodded.  “I will admit, it has taken some time to get on my feet here.  Building ships, learning the area.  Comms was the worst part.”

Princess bridged her fingers in front of herself and asked.  “Oh?  How so?”

“Well, text comms is just so many bloody intel and CTA channels and then the voice ones and the ‘jabber’ that I have yet to see anybody on.  Sometimes I think I am missing out on the best and other times I think I am waiting for messages in the wrong office.  Authorization for the channels is a bit of a loop here and there and it took me the longest time to get onto one of the main voice comms.  I kept having to beg to be dragged into the channel.”

“Do you have a suggestion on how it could be better?”

“Short of ‘An Idiots Guide to SOCO comms?  No.  I suppose we could ask the Goons or Test to write one of those for us.  I swear I do NOT understand why we bother with all the security measures when it is obvious that comms on both sides are penetrated completely.  One of the fleets I was in had constant updates of the formation, location, and plans of the Testies coming out to engage us.”

“How did that go?”

Mike laughed ruefully.  “It is obvious that the people who threw us out of our former stomping grounds are NOT those who are flying now.  They managed to bomb their own frig fleet.  Lee Chanka can make a fleet dance and turn on a dime until the enemy just shoots and hopes for the best.”

“Surpisingly, that happens more often than you might think.  Let’s take a look at your killboard.”  Laz looked down at his notes. “A pod, two wolves, an SBU, a crow and a talos.  Four small targets, instacane?”

“Oddly, no.  Just lucky I guess, most of those were in T3 BC’s.  Been what the CTAs have been calling for.  I wish there was some way to show when I spend time in a logi . . . ”
Mike rubbed the back of his head.  “Not that I want to get a rep as a logi pilot or I never will be on the killboards again, except as a loss.”

“We don’t judge our pilots by arbitrary stats like that.  We talk to them and do . . .well, this.”  Princess swept her hand at Mike.  “We talk to you.”

“I see your only loss was an Oracle.  I don’t remember any application for ship replacement.”  Lazerous pointed out.  “Why not?”

“I took the Banana out in a fleet but we went to ground after being hotdropped.  I waited a few hours and then made a run for home when the coast looked clear, solo.  It was fine till I hit a gate camp of a couple of cynabals.  They ate me alive.”  Mike looked at the table.  “My loss so I paid for it.  Sent the pilots a nice note about the camp and how they ran it and wished them good hunting.”

“You did?  Why?”

“A well run camp is worthy of compliments, even when you get caught by it.  I believe in catching people doing things right, not wrong.  Harder to do but worth the effort.”  Mike shrugged.  “I may be a carebear but I don’t do ‘tears’, seems waste of time, to me.”

Laz paused.  “Not sure you still can call yourself carebear . . . I am still trying to figure out how you managed to hit the small targets.”

Mike shrugged.  “Shoot a lot of rats in highsec for a long period of time, you get better at it, I suppose.  And the small things, like the cyns, are allowed to shoot back.  Win some, lose some.”



Now is the time to win some.  Oddly enough I had already decided that the prize from the GBA would be a Cynabal when I got popped by a pair of them.  Random generation on the comments of the past little while produced a name and a winner.  Adhar Khorin just got a cynabal.
Next I chat about fleet flights, but while I am thinking of it, I want to thank podside for letting me come on the show.  Oddly, I was the only representative of the SOCO.  We talked politics and ships and all sorts of things in between.
When I get a link for the  show I will post it

fly it like you won it


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2 Responses to EoM Report

  1. Mike,

    Thanks again for the Cynabal! Picked it up in Jita this morning, and happy to say it’s my first real pirate faction ship. Her name is “Azariah’s Grace”, and she’s in the fitting shop now so I can fly her like I won her.



    • mikeazariah says:

      I think the pirate faction ships are like sports cars. You know damn well they are over priced but DAMN those beasts are sexy.


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