The screen slowly cycled images casting reds and blues across the otherwise dark apartment.  Mike let his eyes adjust to the light changes as he scrolled through the news on an small comm and sipped his morning coffee.

“Mmmmf, what time is it?”

“Early, yet.  Sorry if I woke you.”

She rolled over and blinked at the screen.  “Those are nice.  But why are you looking at propaganda and corp logos?  You aren’t thinking of moving again, are you?”

Mike chuckled.  “No, just it is Rixx’s birthday.  So I thought I would take a closer look at his portfolio.  Amazing how many real artists of all mediums there are in New Eden who are also pilots.  Sindel and Arydanika sing like angels.  Mark726 has probably done more for exploration with his travelogues than any other pilot in New Eden.  Not coincidentally his banner is also painted by Rixx.  I should also mention Roc and his musical compositions.”

“Let me guess.  He has had art done by Rixx as well?”

“Yup.  A lot of big names in the various industries have gone to this artist.”

“You ever had anything done by him?”

“I said BIG names.”  Mike laughed.  “But not all artists make music or visuals.  Writers, dancers, politicians . . . ”

“Stop right there, politicians are artists?”

“Absolutely.  Take Mittens.  He is a performance artist par excellence.  He almost dares folks to call him on his shows.”

She frowned.  ‘What do you mean ‘call him’?”

“He tells you he lies and then he yells from the rooftops some new revelation and has his greek chorus chime in.  It is amazing how many people buy into it each and every time.  I think it is like going to a magic show.  You want to be fooled so you suspend your disbelief to assist the magician.  His latest act is the ‘News Channel’ he has set up.  Proclaiming loudly how it will be fair and unbiased while employing 20 Goons to write for it.”

She smiled.  “I take it you aren’t suspending any disbelief here?”

Mike shrugged.  “The man is an artist.  New Eden is his easel and he paints pictures with pilots lives.  Just because his art is not to my taste does not lessen what he has done.  Just means I am not a fan.  He has plenty of those, though.”

“That he does.  So you consider performance also an art form?”

“Of course.  Kirith’s destruction of Cap ships is a show in and of itself.  Drunken roams and silly ship fleets are performance art as much as any painting.  The beauty of space itself is an art show.  I have found myself drifting near a planet trying to get just the right position for a camera drone.”

She smiled indulgently for a moment before asking.  “So You find beauty and art everywhere, hmm?”

Mike set his coffee down and grinned.  “Trick as always knowing where to look.”



Happy belated birthday Rixx.

For those of you who don’t look around . . . do.  Music, movies, art, eve has a large pool of players and some of them are damn talented.  Enjoy when your hobby becomes something even more.

fly it like you won it



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7 Responses to Artists

  1. Well stated! It is the actions behind the art that give the truth – as you said, knowing where to look.

  2. lightstar says:

    Wait… Rixx was born?!? I thought he was crafted, turret controls in one hand paintbrush in the other.

    Interesting perspectives on art. Why is it I always leave your site wondering?

    • mikeazariah says:

      Probably because I am juuuust vague enough to make you wonder what the hell I was talking about.

      I lack clarity


  3. jahzeus says:

    and onto the white cloth of his existence flowed the blood of his soul.

    Hope you have a good use for the small token.

  4. Deth Delkanara says:

    Well said. A good politician is indeed a performance artist beyond compare. And yes, Eve is beautiful and the art and effort people have put behind it make it magnificant! It is always amazing to see what is next in the lineup of art, music, videos and so on in Eve, even if I don’t get to play as much as I would like.

    Have fun, fly with joy.

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