Singing the Blues

Mike sighed and disconnected from the POD, slid down the ladder and headed up to the pilot lounge.  His comms were flashing as propaganda fought with smack talk but the only message that had counted was that the fleet was standing down before it even hit vacuum.

Operation Blue ball was declared a success as the estimates had it that TEST had wasted the time of 1400 pilots while only 800 -A- and allies waited about for nothing.

He ordered a drink and looked bleakly at his isk balance.  He had bought a stable of ships, moved clones, all to be right there when the flag went  up.  Nothing lost but time.  No lives, no damages, no field of wreckage.  Nothing.

The ‘Nado, the Lachesis, the SB, all would wait for another day.  The let down, though, all keyed up, desperate to get onto the right comms, frustrtaed as they channels overloaded.  Double checking ship fittings and taking calls from friends all across New Eden wishing him luck.  not just the enemy was Blue-balled.

He leaned back and chatted Princess for a bit before wandering off in search of music, dancing, and alcohol, but not in that order.  She was heading out in a bomber wing to harass the TEST and the rest of the Honey bunch’es.  He thought of asking her along on his evening wanders but remembered the look the leader of the Corp had given her, then him, when he first signed up and thought better of it.

He looked at his comm one more time, blocked a few of the more irritating people and headed off to find the party.



Why is it, if I get my hopes up THAT is when nothing will happen?

IF the propaganda numbers were right then over 2000 players wasted their time this afternoon (my time).

I spent a lot outfitting and being ready to lose the ships but I may need to find some income soon to counterbalance the expences of preparation.
fly it like you thought it was already lost


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3 Responses to Singing the Blues

  1. Norbert says:

    Hi Mike,

    you don’t have much luck with the battles you chose to join, I already noticed.
    But don’t worry, at the moment / the last weeks (since goons left) fleets are formed around the clock every day and much wreckage is produced. Just look at the killboards!
    You will have more than enough opportunities to fire your weapons at the enemy 🙂


    • mikeazariah says:

      You are right, Luck is my enemy, not any external forces aligned against me. I am a patient man and I WILL find the battle, sooner or later. Just not today.


  2. Pirate John says:

    unfortunatly this is the truth in most of nullsec warfare
    it looks great on the news but when youre on the ground, your hardest fight is against boredom

    piracy is freedom

    but to be completly honest, occasionally there will be this completly epic fight in null and if youre very lucky youll be around when it happens
    i hope youll find it, if thats what youre looking for

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