Propaganda purpose

“Ya see, iffen you think about it then all the chatter starts to form a bigger picture.  Even the other sides propaganda starts to fill in some of the gaps.’

“You read that stuff?  Your eyes will start to bleed if you do it too much, I heard.”. The pilot was young and full of loyalty to the cause.

“OK, answer me this one, what is the purpose of propaganda?”

The young pilot looked confused.  “Um, to break morale of the opposition?”

“Half right, lad.  It is also to bolster the morale of your own side.  WE ARE RIGHT,  or GO TEAM GO.  Cheer leaders.  They even have set cheers that they drag out at every opportunity.”

“Like what?”

“Lessee.”. Mike opened commas and went to the side commentaries.  “Aha here ya go.  We’ll look at the other side, for now but I assures ya we is guilty of the same thing going in the other direction.  This is not about good guys being us and  them being the bad guys, it is just how the game is played.  First thing is the call for us to undock.  They can have our station surrounded and us having no chance of surviving an undock but we are cowards if we do not.  Either way, we look bad and so they look good.”

“Are we cowards?”

“Ain’t bravery to charge to your death unless it serves some greater purpose.  Otherwise it is just stupid. Doing what the enemy wants you to do usually falls into that category.  Second thing they do is counter any argument we make with the same taunts. Those canned cheers I was talking about. I wonders iffen they has a script they pass around behind the scenes.  Look at how many times the phrase ‘butthurt’ or ‘tears’ comes up even when there was none of either to be seen. But if they say tears are being harvested then you must be crying, right?”

“So they write that to invalidate arguments?”

“And to show their own side that they are winning. That is very important. Especially if you, the pilot, just lost your ship or sat around for three hours, you need to know that you actually contributed to the overall win.  Remember that the propaganda is read by both sides so it always needs to serve the dual purposes. I think that finding a non-biased account of this war is harder than finding a sober Gallente pilot.”

“Oh come on, there are news reports and kill boards and the raw stats . . .”

“Yeah, but that ain’t the war.  The war is people, not isk, not ships, people.  In the end it is always that. Now the question is whether our people have the will to keep fighting when we are told by the otherside that it is hopeless and that we have already lost.”

“Why would we let the otherwise decide who won and lost?  That is stupidity.”

“No, that is propaganda.  Look at the second most commonly abused concept in all of this.  Fair fight.  No FC is ever going to risk his fleet on some battle he could bring an advantage to.  Blob, hot drop, all fair.  So is blue balling and spies.  Anyone who expects fleets to line up and face each other on a fair and balanced playing field should just go watch ATX instead of being in a war.”

“Even some of those wars come off one sided.”

“Yeah, I lost risk on a couple of ‘sure tings’ today.  I really should know better than to bet on these tourneys.  But that is where you will find fair fights.  Elsewhere?  No.  So we don’t whine about that, we learn to accept that bad things happen and we do our damndest to make sure that bad things happen to the other side as well.  Simple as data.”


“Well the idea is, the execution of it, now that be another matter entirely.”. Mike laughed.



Guys, come up with some new cheers, new arguments.  The war is here.  I understand the hearts nd minds aspect of it but the repetition is killing me.

But here I am, waading through the comment sewage s you don’t have to

Fly it like you want the other side to think you have already won


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2 Responses to Propaganda purpose

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    Ahhh, the quest for one of the rarest things in the universe . . .

    Original thought.

    Yeah, I would like to see a lot of the propaganda get better. I would also like to see some changes in the blob/big alliance/moon poo equation worked out. Would also be nice if idiot alliances spread out things like finances and so on and thereby reduce their vulnerability to spy crap. Of course if you could catch the person that did they spying and not just the character so you could black list THEM, well, that is likely too much to ask for, internet anonymity being what it is and all. In real life, spies do their thing, get found out and have to run, go to prison or die, in Eve, they just move on to do it again most likely.

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