Victory Conditions

The guy at the next table was talking loudly enough for everyone in the bar to hear.  Most were listening.

“So there was a big fight yesterday in C3N-3S. We the S2N/SOCO crew where defending an Ihub (i think) that came out of reinforced. They CFC/PL wanted it dead.

Both sides ran multiple fleets with varying composition.

Nulli (s2n) ran an alpha fleet consisting of Maelstroms an support.
Think -A- ran tengus.

So fight was on.

We bridge into system, TiDi immediately kicked in to like 30%. Warpin was called on the ihub to face the enemy drake fleet. Our allies came on grid to.

Fight starts TiDI is now permanently locked between 10 an 15%. Drakes are going down fast (in 10% TIDI noting is fast, but yeah..) targets are being called 3-5 at the time. Some casualties are sustained but not much at this point.

My sabre go down in flames without having the opportunity to use even one bubble..

As im reshipping into Maelstrom (died in a fire immediately after loading grid)PL/CFC side jumps in titan, supers an dreads fitted for BS killing.

Our ships now starts falling quicker and quicker, we are still steadily damaging the enemy, an downs 4 dreads. fleet starts to align out since we where getting free of bubbles, just as the entire Maelstrom fleet is about to warp (call was given) a blue dictor drops a bubble on the entire blue fleet, catching basically everyone except the reds.

Fleet continue to drop and tries to disengage, eventually succeeding.

Fun fight, we got a decent number together (916) the enemy had a lot more (1401) and decided to drop in 19 titans, 31 super carriers, 29 dreads, 28 carriers.”

Mike shook his head and looked to the people at his table.  “I dunno.  Kinda questionable when a single member of your fleet can screw so many over like that.  In incursions he would be identified and banned.”

“Screw that, we got four dreads.  I know they will point to the isk war and say they are winning but there is no way we should allow them to determine how the battles are judged.  It is NOT about isk, can’t be, they have OTEC and the moons.  If we make it about isk then we have already lost.  It is about the will to fight and THAT is what they are trying to grind out of us.  As long as we keep choosing out battles and grinding them down. . . ”

“Choosing out battles?”

“Don’t listen to local mush, boy?  They are always taunting for us to undock into the arms of their cages and massive fleets.  Have you ever listened to the State of the Goonian?”

“Matter of fact, I have.”  Mike winced to say that out loud in a Soco bar.

“Then you know that this is not the first time Goons have been in Delve, this is the fifth.  They are like a tide, they come, mess up the beach and then they leave.  CFC is just the Goons written bigger but it is just high tide.  We ride it out, don’t let them break our will and the tide will retreat, no doubt proclaiming victory.”

Mike grinned.  “I have had this sort of argument, before.  In this war what is Victory?”

“I don’t know what line of drivel the CFC has set for themselves but as far as I am concerned, if we are still here, still flying then we win.  To four Dreads!

The bar roared its approval and Mike joined them, almost missing the call to suit up and get in his bomber.



Thanks to Failheap and Caldrian Dosto for the battle report.

I used to play a game called Illuminati  great game.  My fav quote on that page . . . Every player has different victory conditions!  I mean, you gotta love one where you don’t have to judge yourself by someone elses victory conditions, but your own.

I did take a bomber out, first time ever, lost it on the first pass on a station . . . and had a blast doing it.  I win.  Never launched a bomb before and I did that, we didn;t get anything on that pass but . . . who cares.  I am now bloodied in the war in the south.  If I can just manage to draw some blood as well . . .

Random commenter on this post will win a bomber.  1 week or so for entries before I award it

fly it like you won it



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25 Responses to Victory Conditions

  1. Ravenzfire says:

    Always loved bombers and the re-skin makes them look fantastic. Haven’t had much of a chance to use mine lately…might have to change that.

    • mikeazariah says:

      and easy as that, you are in the draw. I love the reskins as well, now they look ominous and dangerous. They are, of course, still made of bone china and tissue paper.


  2. r says:

    Never fired a bomb before either, not because I don’t have a bomber but because I live in lowsec…

  3. Armas says:

    What happened to the I-HUB? Kinda seems like if CFC controlled the field after the battle, they would have been able to destroy it, and that kinda seems like a pretty convincing victory condition to me.

    • mikeazariah says:

      Agreed. Trust me, I am not denying that the cfc was successful in their operation, in the end. What I am saying is that this is not always a clear cut win/lose scenario. There does not HAVE to be losers for there to be winners.


  4. Skajit Spey says:


    What a blast from the past!!! Great original game!!

  5. HardinSalvor says:

    I could use another bomber 🙂 I have three currently – bombing fit, ratter-hunter with TD’s torps and covert cyno, and prober. A spare hull would be nice 🙂

    I totally agree that victory conditions are different for each of us. The will to fight is something I am very proud of nulli (my alliance) for, but I do worry that it is at risk. It’s very popular to talk about how little sov matters and we’re after good fights, but without the SRP of the CFC paying for maelstroms and tengus will now be a struggle for many pilots. I’m not sure our current(ish) situation of living in npc sov is sustainable.

  6. Allianc says:

    Welcome to ENGRE Mike!
    If TOLE isnt treating you well, come join us in NTA-.

    That said, the bombing runs we’ve been on have been pretty epic, and what you’ve said about every player having their own victory conditions certainly makes things seem a lot less bleak, particularly in the face of the shitposting on some forums.

    • mikeazariah says:

      I don’t know if reading the forums is good or bad, there are niggets of good in a whole mass of ugly.


  7. Deth Delkanara says:

    Glad to see you back posting more and having fun. I recently took my Helios out to do some probing, crawled through low and null, probing out a radar site finally and set out to clear it in my drake. I spent days ahead of time setting safes and gate safes on and off grid and so on, out in the dark among a sea of reds. It was fun, and a bit nerve wracking but I did it. It’s hard to shake off the bear suit but I figure I can learn to be a bear with teeth and that’s good. Anyways, got my drake through a lot of low and null in one piece thanks to my safes, ran the site and salvaged it all. Cleared about 20 mil in bounties and salvage, nothing much, not like running L4s or mining but was a new thing and fun. Even had a neut drop in at 40 km as I finished, made my blood rush and I don’t think I could punch the warp button any harder or faster, heh.

    In time I figure I will have mapped a lot of safes in a wide range of my region of space and will get more used to flying low and null as well as scaning (learning so I can try my hand at wormholes) and in general living the less bearish life. Anyways, have fun, blow up stuff and maybe one day will see you on dscan.


    • mikeazariah says:

      remember to wave as you ghost by . . . but you don’t fly under this name so how will I know it is you?


      • Deth Delkanara says:

        Actually, I do, just not all that often. Life’s a bitch and then I got promoted. Responsability sure does eat into one’s free time.

    • BobFenner says:

      Hey Deth, if you ever want to try your hand at living in w-space give me a shout in game. Black Hole Runners are currently recruiting! (Shameless plug. 🙂 )

      Make mine a Nemesis please Mike. !

  8. Norbert says:

    After you left our bomber fleet for your well earned rest, we formed a sizeable frigate fleet and a bomber wing. Managed to snag a few kills in the frigates.
    And then we baited a largish BC fleet for our bomber wing. 80 of the BCs went down in one bomber run and around 25 of our frigates. Well worth it.

    • mikeazariah says:

      damn, and I missed that part. Well I am glad, very glad that I was not just the first loss of a string of them


  9. Keilidh says:

    Woo, bombers! I’ve never used one in Null (need to fix that) but small packs of them scare battleships to death in losec.

  10. Ken says:

    I’ve recently finished training for bombers, buit haven’t had a chance to use one yet. Looking forward to it. Seems like my kinda mission. Sneak in, slap a BS and run away. Kinda like Bugs Bunny bull fighting. 😀

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