The New Guy

“How you holding up?”  She managed to ask with almost casual attitude.

“Tough bein the new guy.”  Mike ran his hand back through his hair.  “Especially heading into a war zone.  So I headed down to Khanid territory and contacted them once I was in deep low.  I think that made a decent first impression since I didn’t come off as a total carebear afraid to go into the pool.”

“What were you in?”

Mike blushed.  “A variant of one of your armour canes.  Swapped the highs out a bit to accommodate a cloak.  Spun past a few Gentleman’s Agreement and a Goon or two, no problems at all.”

“You save my fits?”

“Cher, if it is to do with you then it be something I treasure.  Yeah, I save your fits.  So I gets down to Khanid and the corp folks start asking me where I am, why I am not in their home system.  Get to HED, they tell me.  So out come the maps and I set off again, this time in a bomber since they don’t use a lot of armour ships.  I Get to HED and damn if someone doesn’t come out to scout for me.”

“That is how it is done.”

“Nope, most times time I fend for myself.  Not ever had someone probing ahead for me.  Specially with me in a bomber, if I cannot go places in that then there be something wrong.  But I appreciate the effort and I even got to take a jump bridge.”  His voice went up with excitement.  “Never had a chance to use one of them before.  Next thing I know I am in deep Catch.”

“I thought the front was in Delve.  You know, ‘Delve2012’?”

Mike laughed.  “I asked if a guy against pod-fashion whether he would buy a shirt that said that on it.  I think quite a few might, on both sides of the war.  He said he wouldn’t but he didn’t answer me when I asked if he would buy one with 10058 on the front.”


“Through and through.  STILL defending whats-his-name against accusations of cyberbullying and saying that the CSM this term is a disorganized loss.  But that is another story.  Thing with joining a big alliance is the homework.”


“TONS of paperwork.  Join this comm channel and those four over there.  Get on these forum and those teamspeaks this is Jabber but we don’t use that right now.  You need to keep your eyes on fleet calls, intel channels, make sure your fits are up to standards of fleet doctrine and what the hell are you doing still in Catch?”  Mike took a breath and grinned. “Barely got time to wrap my head around it all.”

Victoria nodded.  “There is a lot to toss on someone right off the bat but what did you expect?  Tutorials and someone to hold your hand?”

“Fair enough.  I just . . . well I am afraid I am gonna really screw up and look dumb.”

She laughed, red hair tossed back.  “WHEN has that ever stopped you before?”

“Good Point.”



It is not the security, or the war.  Null alliances have a whole new learning curve that sets you back as much as Eve itself did once, long ago.

That being said I have not been yelled at or chided, just gently guided on what else I have to do.  TOLE has made me feel welcome and a truly appreciate that.

Now to try to get into Delve.

Fly it like someone is gonna win





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One Response to The New Guy

  1. Norbert says:

    It’s exciting, isn’t it? At least it was for me 🙂 Glad you enjoy it so far.

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