Gallente quixote

“Yeah, glad you were able to get back to me.  What do you say?”  Mike looked off into the distance.

“You are Gallente, you want to take a side and make a stand, even if it is a foolish one.  Who are we to stop you?”

“But the Corporation?”

“We will hire someone to hold down the fort while you are gone, that is not a worry.  Now we see that you received another donation.  Was that for your quixotic plan or for the corporation?”

“Corp, otherwise the 200mill would be in my wallet.”

“Very well.  We know you are not ‘hurting’ for isk but where you want to go is going to be very costly.  If such time comes along that you need support we will back you.”

Mike paused and looked at the comm image.  “This is my own foolishness.  But I appreciate the sentiment, thank you.”

“What you call foolishness has been the standard of Gallente Pride for hundreds of years.  We do not stand idly by and watch, we choose to take a side and act.  CEO of the corp or member of some other, you are who you are and we are proud of you.  I stand by the offer of assistance.”

Mike paused then nodded.  “I appreciate that.  Delve is a big place, I hope to manage to fit in without dying on a regular basis.”

‘You do know that Delve has, as of this day, 4 out of 5 of the most violent systems in all of New Eden?”

Mike smiled.  “Yup. wouldn’t be going there otherwise.”

“Do us proud, then, do yourself proud.”



I want to get into the action . . . any alliance/corp looking for a pilot?  Given my history you can be fairly sure that I am not a spy . . . too public.

One Alliance has shown interest and I have now removed all duties etc but I am ready NOW.

fly it like you want to win


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5 Responses to Gallente quixote

  1. Norbert says:

    Hi Mike,

    so you decided to join in the action. Great!
    The corp ist awaiting your application, if you are still interested.
    With a bit of luck my ISP will get my internet connection running again today.

  2. Norbert says:

    tl;dr: just apply to join and you are in…

  3. mikeazariah says:

    I did, and I am. Now the tons of reading of fittings, channels to jin, etc etc


    • Norbert says:

      Great news! Yes, it is quite a bit of work to get everything done and sorted. But the alliance mates are usually very helpful. When asking for assistance in corp or alliance you are very seldom disappointed.

  4. HardinSalvor says:

    Ah, you beat me to it Norbert! I blame me being on holiday. I’ll see you on the battlefield when I get back Mike, welcome to the war.

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