Props to the propaganda

“Seriously?”  Mike was incredulous.

“No, what is delve?”

Mike looked at the pilot and shook his head slowly.  “Sometimes known as the ‘south’ it is a region of space where there is a big war building.  There are a lot of different explanations for who started it and why but the bottom line is going to be that a huge null sec war is going to destroy a LOT of ships in the next weeks.”

“Oh, Null sec, well then it won’t effect us, here.”

Mike tried not to facepalm.  “War effects everybody, my little butterfly.  Every T2 ship that is destroyed is more isk for the Goons and OTEC.  Every fleet action keeps the Goons nemesis of ennui at bay.  Look, watch this and tell me what you think.”

The video played out and the pilot was quiet for a moment.  “Is that what is really happening?”

“Of course not, every piece of propaganda is made to show you only one side of the argument.  Now watch this one .  .  So what do you know?”

“More, no, less.  Who do you believe?”

“You don’t believe you listen, you learn, you do research.  Tons of information is released on both sides when something like this happens.  There are messages meant for the puppies, like those I just showed you and then there are messages they tell each other. Like this mumble-2012-06-28-21-00-27

“Ew, do I have to listen to all of that?”

Mike turned off the audio and shook his head.  ‘You don’t HAVE to listen or watch anything.  But it happens whether you are involved or not.  The repercussions of a big war echo through all of New Eden.  Not just in the systems where the battles are fought but in the markets.  Supply lines, office rentals, an increase in trade and industry to try to finance, recruiting to put more bodies on the field.  All of this will spread like ripples on a pond.  The bigger the war the further the ripples will spread.”

“But why should I care?”

“Waves can be ridden, you can bet your ass that there are industrialists and traders who have their boards out ready to ride the waves this war will make.  War is always profitable to those who care to try.  But that isn’t why I care.”

“OK, I’ll bite, why do you care?”

Mike started to reply as the comm chimed . . .



Some players play this game like it is a single player experience.  Meta-gaming is too much work for them and things like this pass them by.  I LOVE the propaganda wars and the information flow.

The meta-game is what makes Eve new and different.  This is not some scripted event with the illusion of free will and choice leading to a set cutscene at the end (I am looking at you ME3)  This is players and wars and battles and huge groups fighting over . . . well, fighting.  You decide the whys and wherefore for yourself.  Let me know what you think.

Is it going to be a fair and balanced fight?  Hell no.

fly it like you won it


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1 Response to Props to the propaganda

  1. Deth Delkanara says:

    Let the station games and asshattery begin. Goons and pets had to find something to do with the trillions they milked from the FW debacle.

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